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8 August, 2014

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…that there was a White politician who would stand up to the Jews and their unconstitutional “hate speech” laws, guess what? There isn’t one. No White politician will oppose the Jews. [Article].

2 August, 2014

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This attack, committed by “anti-racists,” occurred in Illinois in 2012. White nationalists are always called “extremists.” As you watch the video, ask yourself: “who are the real extremists?” The Whites, who were only eating at a restaurant, or the “anti-racists,” who were swinging hammers and clubs at unarmed citizens? (By the way, a hammer is […]

1 August, 2014

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Had the cop created plaques honoring Lenin, Stalin or Mao, no one would have said a word about it. [Article].

21 July, 2014

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The Jews failed to impose economic Marxism on the world. The Soviet Union, the mother ship of communism which was built by Jews, collapsed in 1991. (Sure, China is also a communist country, but its communism is different today). However, another type of Marxism is thriving all around the world: cultural Marxism, under which all […]

22 February, 2014

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I know how to cure a Nazi: hand him a bag of pot and a bus ticket to Berkeley. Problem solved! The next time you see him, he’ll be wearing sandals and saying “far out, man!” [Article].

21 September, 2013

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OMG! There’s evil afoot! Will the evildoers slay the children and the elderly? Maybe the mayor can call an exorcist to exercise the evil away with some chicken-twirling and tongue-speaking. But that idea could backfire. The exorcist could like the town and decide to stay, thereby putting all the little boys there in danger of […]

17 December, 2010

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Most “anti-hate” groups were founded by, and are funded by, Jews. No article on “hate”/”anti-hate” is complete without a mention of the fact that the Jews are the Original Bigots. For centuries, they have considered themselves to be superior to other humans and their words and actions against them are the very definition of “hate.” […]

16 July, 2010

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Don’t you hate it when haters hate? I hate that – it’s so hateful. Why did the Jews have to invent hate? (Funny how pro-SB 1070 folks will accept Sen. John McCain’s money but not A3P’s. McCain, you may recall, tried to legalize millions of illegal Mexicans several years ago via amnesty): [See the 2nd […]

12 July, 2010

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Life in a Jewmocracy is always filled with excitement! If his cellphone played a speech by a mass-murdering leftist like Stalin, that would surely be okay since Jewrmany is nearly a communist country, politically speaking: [Article].

19 November, 2009

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Are they going to examine why the Jews invented organized hate – in other words, why the Jews invented bigotry-as-official-doctrine? Of course, the examination of that topic would be called “hate,” so there’s a dilemma: how would one study the Jewish origins of hate without being called a “hater”? Oy veh! [Article].