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18 November, 2007

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  Join me as I review the mountains of evidence that will show you without a shadow of a doubt that the supposed Jewish “Holocaust” is nothing more than a lie used to keep Jews rich and your rights away! Listen Live at 9pm est:Winamp Embedded Players: Real Media Quicktime

12 April, 2007

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By Alex Linder The Duke hoax has been sucked dry. All that remains is to seal the deal in the public mind. That means blaming it all on one person, fixing him forever in the public mind as the guilty party. Who should that person be?

3 April, 2007

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From the University of Chicago student paper, the Maroon. Censoring Holocaust denial is hypocritical By Alec Brandon Tuesday, April 3rd, 2007 One of my favorite rumors to emerge out of this summer’s World Cup had very little to do with soccer. The talk was that if Iran advanced past the opening round, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad […]

31 March, 2007

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No jews were gassed. Period. And more and more and more and more and more people know it every damn day.

20 December, 2006

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By nig-adopter Anderson…

4 December, 2006

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Latest from Anderson, a race-traitor (nigger adoptees) libertarian…

30 August, 2006

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Alex: I saw this on Slate and thought it might be of interest. I’m surprised Slate would publish an article that says in effect that these guys are being framed by the NYT as well as the police and prosecutor. hey, wait a minute Witness for the Prosecution? The New York Times (Duranty’s home […]

27 August, 2006

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It is a fact that: – Anne Frank died in a German hospital – Anne Frank’s father paid a novelist to write dialogue for her “diary” novel – jew-led USSR starved millions of Ukrainians The REAL “Anne Frank,” therefore, would be a theoretical early-teen girl writing about horrors inflicted on her village/nation by forces controlled […]

8 August, 2006

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We gotcher doctored photo right here!

14 July, 2006

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Alex, You might consider posting this link: The link contains 30 video chapters worth (4 hours total) of investigative dedicated to debunking the official stories of Treblinka, Belzec and Sobibor.  The author takes parts of the official transcripts from the Nuremburg Trials and the testimony from the “story tellers” and debunks them.  The presentation […]