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5 June, 2013

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Jews get nervous when White people rebel against their Jew World Order [1]. The Whites rebelled once and the Jews want to make sure it doesn’t happen again. [Article]. [1] the JWO includes leftism, non-White immigration, feminism, internationalism, global government, and hate-crime laws

23 February, 2013

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Massachusetts is just like California, but further East. (The Soviet Union created the first modern “human equality” laws and also the first “hate crime” laws). [Article].

19 November, 2012

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The Jews were kicked out of Spain in 1492, just like they were kicked out of many other countries. Now the Jews want tougher laws against telling the truth about them, e.g., how Soviet Jews nearly sacked Spain in the late 1930s. [Article]. A top Soviet Jew, named Antonov-Ovseenko, in Spain, 1936: [Here].

22 June, 2012

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[…] “A couple of caveats: with Section 13 gone, the Canadian Criminal Code itself continues to provide for up to two years in jail for “spreading hate against identifiable groups” (with the exception of identifiable German, Palestinian and Christian groups who can be hated to the full measure of Zionist fury without fear of prosecution).” […]

19 March, 2012

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Does your White country have “racism police”? If not, just wait a few years. (By the way, it isn’t surprising that a young negro would suffer a heart attack. Blacks are usually less healthy than Whites, due to genetic factors). [Article].

27 January, 2012

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Are negroes ever prosecuted for committing “hate crimes”? Rarely, even though they commit most of them (their crimes aren’t called “hate”). Hate crime laws came from Jews and are designed to be used against White people. (The first hate crime law was a Soviet decree in 1918 that protected Jews [1]). [Article]. [1] the Bolshevik […]

30 April, 2011

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Anti-racism laws in the UK came from Jews – you’re surprised, aren’t you? [Article].

26 April, 2011

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Are you a human blight (e.g., a homosexual, a negro, a Jew)? If so, then maybe you should move to Canada. Up there, special “tribunals” will protect you from dangerous words – and you can score big money, too! [Article].

11 April, 2011

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(Not only do Jews dominate the Canadian media, but even worse, certain pro-White media [e.g., books, magazines, videos] is illegal in Canada if it is found by the government to be “hate propaganda,” or to “promote hatred” against a certain group. So, Jews win, Whites lose, as usual). “If you thought Jews dominated the American […]

5 May, 2010

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In Britain, all humans are equal – or else. (Remember that these “anti-hate” laws were first hatched by Jews): [Article].