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27 July, 2007

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Unless there has been a postponement, former National Alliance leader Shaun Walker and two other men convicted with him will be sentenced on July 31, 2007. They face years in prison. “Civil rights” as a legal concept is bogus. For example, back when America was still more-or-less a White republic (i.e., 1883), the U.S. Supreme […]

20 July, 2007

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15 July, 2007

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Will more thoughts be criminalized for Jewish benefit? [1]. (Judaism is a hate ideology, since it’s based on bigotry towards gentiles. That would mean that any hostile action which is taken by, or on behalf of, Jews against gentiles is a “hate crime” [2][3]. So, for example, the Jewish-led civil rights revolution, which unleashed negroes […]

6 May, 2007

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[following is from email from Martin Webster] Dear Bob, Thanks for this story…… > Finland Cracks Down > by Baron Bodissey > > [snip] ……..which I run out in full below. The thrust of the story would seem to be that Finland has just enacted laws against “incitement to race hatred” in order to protect […]

5 May, 2007

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Passed the House, but resistance has made a difference…