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21 April, 2013

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It’s called the American Nationalist Association. I don’t know much about this group, but the good news is this: unlike some nationalist groups, ANA “names the Jew” as the enemy (which is, of course, an absolute requirement for any WN group, since Jews have led the assault on White culture [1]). According to one webpage, […]

3 November, 2012

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It has to increase. War might become unfashionable and racism might return – that wouldn’t be good for the New World Order. Even though Abe Lincoln is loved by both conservatives and liberals (how scary is that?), in reality he was a war-mongering scoundrel who killed his own people when he didn’t have to. By […]

28 April, 2012

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Why do some people think that Christianity (a Jewish-rooted, egalitarian religion) is somehow good for Western culture (as opposed to Nazism)? Christinsanity isn’t even Western. It’s Middle-Eastern. Further, you can’t serve two masters. You either serve your race, or you serve Jesus. Also, as Alex once said: if Christianity is so great, why did the […]

19 February, 2012

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A good book about Indians-vs.-Whites is “Scalp Dance,” available [Here]. Dr. Pierce talks about “Scalp Dance” [Here].

18 February, 2012

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Seen on TV: a clip from an old movie in which an Indian (a.k.a. “Native American”) accuses White men of “speaking with forked tongues.” (The White man’s promise is no good, according to countless Hollywood movies, while the Indian’s word is rock-solid). Seeing that clip caused me to remember a book that I once owned, […]

3 February, 2012

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Know your history (that means real history, not the Judeo-history taught in public schools). Be ready to explain to a lemming or a newbie why you’re a White nationalist and why he should be one, too. Be prepared to talk about WWII, “civil rights” and other topics using names, dates, and so forth. Here are […]

20 January, 2012

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The Spanish Civil War (1936-1939) was an attempt by Jewish men to communize Spain. The fact that the men were mostly Soviet officials is a minor historical detail [1]. What’s that – your history teacher never mentioned the Jewish thing? Wonder why not. [Article]. [1] among the top Soviet military men in Spain who were […]

8 January, 2012

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“God alone knows the future, but only an historian can alter the past.” — Ambrose Bierce

9 September, 2011

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The mesira is the same Jewish doctrine that protected Jack The Ripper: he was a Jew, and so was the man who could have put him on the gallows by making a statement to the police. [Article].

29 August, 2011

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(Above: Albrecht Dürer’s four horsemen of the apocalypse) U.S. ambassador to the Soviet Union and France William Christian Bullitt, Jr. set the stage for America’s official recognition of the Soviet Union [1]. That recognition “legitimized” the Soviets and opened them up to foreign money and other aid, including Lend-Lease goods. That spelled trouble for Germany. […]