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25 January, 2018

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(Above: Adolf Hitler with his dog) First and foremost, if America had signed the 1936 Anti-Comintern Pact like it should have done (that anti-communist treaty was signed by Italy, Japan and Germany), World War II never would have happened. Instead, those four powers would have turned their guns toward the East and stomped the crap […]

7 December, 2017

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Yes, it’s time to remember when the Jew, and Soviet agent, Harry Dexter White, and other Jews deliberately sabotaged relations between Japan and America, leading to the “surprise” Japanese attack on a U.S. naval base at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii on December 7, 1941. That event pushed America into World War II, the deadliest and costliest […]

27 October, 2017

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(Above: Hell on earth: Dresden, Germany after the allied firebombings, 1945) World War II was the turning point for the White race. In fact, you could say that WWII was the beginning of the end of the White race. […] “The conclusion I came to after reading the two books is that indeed Lippmann and […]

10 October, 2017

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Yeah, okay, it is said that Leif Eriksson and the Vikings founded the New World by accident way back in circa 1000 AD. Anyway, all of the other famous European explorers (e.g., Coronado, Ponce de Leon, De Soto) arrived in America after Columbus, so he did, in fact, “discover” America in 1492 (i.e., he wrote […]

17 September, 2017

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The Revolt Against Civilization by the historian Dr. Lothrop Stoddard (1922). […] “Glowing with the fire of achievement, he advanced both himself and his civilization. But, in this very fire, he was apt to be racially consumed. Absorbed in personal and social matters, racial matters were neglected. Late marriage, fewer children, and celibacy combined to […]

3 September, 2017

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The power of world Jewry always amazes me. Here, we have a non-White, non-Western politician forced to backtrack on his words because the Jews – a tiny minority – moaned about them. Perhaps if the Jews hadn’t tried to destroy Germany, some people wouldn’t try to tell the truth about Hitler? [1]. Sounds to me […]

17 August, 2017

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The political Left has Nazi roots? That’s a new one (not) [1][2]. The American Left was built almost entirely by Jews. Why don’t we talk about that instead? [Article]. . [1] actually, “Nazism is leftism” propaganda has been around for awhile, for the benefit of the rubes and hicks of course. However, recall that Mussolini’s […]

16 August, 2017

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Point One: slavery was the best thing to ever happen to Blacks, although that wasn’t anybody’s intention [1]. Indeed, thanks to slavery, Blacks went from being “idiots throwing spears in the jungle,” savages who couldn’t read or write, to being cops, judges, even Supreme Court justices. A great trajectory for a race of people with […]

16 August, 2017

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Hitler with his dog Blondi

7 August, 2017

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(Above: Ernst Zundel) It’s funny: I’ve never met anyone who said “the Holocaust never happened.” Not one person. Nope. Never. Where are these “holocaust deniers” hiding? I have, however, met lots of people who question parts of the Holocaust, since the Jews, not the various allied militaries, made the hard-to-believe “6 million Jews have been […]