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16 February, 2008

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A Jewish-banker racket, usually. The bankers instigate a war, then loan money to both sides of the conflict, then reap whatever other rewards can be had, e.g., the U.S. “Civil War.” (Note the negative comments here about Hitler and Mussolini. Fascism was aggressive? What was fascism but a reaction to Jewish-sponsored internationalism, liberalism and “democracy”?) […]

5 September, 2007

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“But the truth was something very different. The truth was that Hitler’s money system–not the mere theory of it but its practical soundness and its actual widespread success both at home and abroad, a soundness and a success that were being demonstrated before the eyes of the whole world–laid the axe to the very root […]

10 August, 2007

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This is an interesting subject that could be discussed for hours, if not days. Stalin was the personification of evil, and so was Lenin. Yet uncle Adolf was crowned ‘official bad guy of the 20th century.’ He had to be, of course, or else Nazism might have spread around the globe. Couldn’t have that, huh? […]

21 December, 2006

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24 October, 2006

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