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8 December, 2008

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About Hitler’s “insane” attack on the Soviet Union in 1941: [Article]. More [Here].

5 December, 2008

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Adolf “launched” WWII? When did that happen? Britain stupidly declared war, with a lame excuse about defending a country that everyone in Europe hated, i.e., Poland [1]: [Article]. [1] Poland mentioned as a hated country: See journalist Donald Day’s book “Onward Christian Soldiers,” p. 63. Day called Poland a “miserable country” which was “unable to […]

27 November, 2008

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Watch the German documentaries “Triumph of the Will” and “Olympia” online: [VNN Forum thread].

22 November, 2008

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In addition to having Vermeer’s painting “An (or The) Artist in His Studio” hanging in his Berghof home, Adolf Hitler preferred works by Carl Spitzweg and Eduard von Grützner. His taste in art was, of course, generally conservative. Trivia: Goebbels favored rather modern art until Hitler steered him away from that aesthetic towards more traditional […]

25 October, 2008

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Adolf Hitler: The most over-demonized man in history. No words or deeds, no matter how innocent, are allowed to go uncriticized or uncensored if they might make Hitler “look human.” Of course, it “must” be that way, otherwise White citizens would discover the truth about The Führer: [Article].

4 April, 2008

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WWII was great for the Jews: it wiped out tens of millions of White people, it crushed Hitler’s brilliant money system [1] and it made anti-Semitism/racism taboo. Newbies, take note: Only The Jew Won World War Two: [Article]. [1] “All my inquiry into the matter has left me very certain that the primary issue, over […]

14 March, 2008

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Keyword: “making.” Some good comments about Hitler: [Book Review].

27 February, 2008

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Any mention of nationalism without a mention of the world’s reigning nationalist agitators – i.e., the Jews – is pretty much a waste of ink. For example, this column mentions Hitler’s ethnonationalism. But Hitler was merely reacting to certain global forces. Who tinkered with the meeting at Versailles, which later forced Germany to invade Poland? […]

16 February, 2008

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A Jewish-banker racket, usually. The bankers instigate a war, then loan money to both sides of the conflict, then reap whatever other rewards can be had, e.g., the U.S. “Civil War.” (Note the negative comments here about Hitler and Mussolini. Fascism was aggressive? What was fascism but a reaction to Jewish-sponsored internationalism, liberalism and “democracy”?) […]

5 September, 2007

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“But the truth was something very different. The truth was that Hitler’s money system–not the mere theory of it but its practical soundness and its actual widespread success both at home and abroad, a soundness and a success that were being demonstrated before the eyes of the whole world–laid the axe to the very root […]