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2 January, 2009

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by Rev. Ted Pike: [Here].

9 December, 2008

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Note the mention of Sen. Gerald Nye, who once called Hollywood “Yiddish”: [Article].

16 November, 2008

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Interesting, considering who runs Tinseltown: [Question and Answer].

18 September, 2008

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Many Hollywood Jews became patriotic Bush-supporters after Sept. 11, 2001 – you’re surprised, aren’t you? “An American Carol,” directed and produced by David Zucker, is a neoconservative parody of Michael Moore and liberalism: [Article].

10 August, 2008

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Two actresses kiss in Jewish filmmaker Woody Allen’s new movie. One of the actresses, Scarlett Johansson, has a Jewish mother. Who’s for bringing back the Catholic-spawned Production Code, which was grudgingly adopted by Jewish Hollywood in order to avoid government censorship of movies? (The Production Code ended in 1968, about the same time America’s culture […]