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25 March, 2014

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Jews are race-mixing at a rate of 58% or more? Baloney. It’s more like 10% or 15%, and that figure doesn’t worry the Jewish leaders because they know that such intermarriage is actually good for them, i.e., it “weeds out” the weak and non-committed Jews, making the main tribe stronger. Jewish leaders are always working […]

20 March, 2014

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There are some things that you’re not “allowed” to question: the “Holocaust,” multiculturalism/diversity, and global warming/climate change, a.k.a. green Marxism. (A few weeks ago, I heard a scientist say something interesting re: green Marxism: he said that millions of dollars worth of grants are given out each year to fund global-warming research – a powerful […]

10 January, 2014

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Trying to score points with the big, Jewish studio bosses, are we? But thank God Mr. Disney knew about the Jews – knew that they were a race of swindlers and con-artists who roamed the earth getting kicked out of every country they entered until they managed to get their own country, Israel, through deceit […]

6 August, 2013

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You’ve heard that old saying, “the Devil’s in the details.” That’s true. But the Jews don’t want you to notice details, such as: why did the Polish government subtract 2.5 million “victims” from the official Holocaust story? Why do the Jews keep harping about “6 million” victims when that “official” number no longer exists? Here’s […]

12 March, 2013

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by Bradley R. Smith/CODOH: [Here].

5 February, 2013

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Jew #1: “I’ll tolerate the destruction of the West!” Jew #2: “Me, too – I wouldn’t think of trying to stop the death of White culture!” Jew #3: “I’m the very model of tolerating Western destruction!” [Article].

1 December, 2012

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Jew: “I was gassed 4 times at Treblinka and 3 times at Belsen.” Gentile: “Good heavens! How did you survive?” Jew: “I held my breath each time!” [Article].

11 September, 2012

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Under normal circumstances, spending $700 million dollars on a memorial would be ridiculous. But since “9/11 remembrance” furthers Zionism, the Jews know that the money is well-spent. (In fact, look for 9/11 remembrance to increase yearly until it becomes an obsession, just like Holocaust remembrance). [Article].

4 June, 2012

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[…] “Their continent? Europe is not the Jews’ homeland, nor is it the homeland of Muslim, Roma or black people. It is the homeland of white Caucasian, Indo-Aryan people. It is these white Caucasian people who are now fearing for their lives! Europe does have boundaries, and those boundaries are important.” [Article].

18 April, 2012

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One hundred years from now, they will still be dreaming up new ways to brainwash White people about the Nazi era. [Article].