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31 March, 2021

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(Above: the homosexual postMarxist “philosopher” Michel Foucault, who said that truth is a construct created by White male homophobic capitalists. Whatever that means. Foucault is surprisingly popular with intellectuals, which says a lot about intellectuals. Foucault quit the French Communist Party in 1953 due to its alleged homophobia). (In the library at a large American […]

21 March, 2021

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Flag on the play! Out of bounds! Twenty yard penalty. Granted, this pocketknife (for sale by a British company) looks good, but, “cotton”??? Come on! That could offend Black people. It could conjure up ugly and hideous memories of slavery. I’m gonna have to contact the UN Human Rights Commission about that matter! Also, I […]

17 March, 2021

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(Above: the Jew, Dr. Magnus Hirschfeld). Oops, my bad. Recall my post of yesterday when I said that I had just invented a radical new queer theory. Well, I am informed now that such a queer theory already exists. Crap! There goes my opportunity to be a pioneering queer theorist — don’t you hate it […]

16 March, 2021

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First, I have a brand new theory, I just dreamed it up today: if you can change your biological sex (which they say you can do today), then you can change your sexual preference even easier. You can be queer on Monday, but be straight again on Tuesday! Yeah! How cool is that? You can […]

3 March, 2021

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Lemme get this straight (no pun intended): only about 3% of Americans pack fudge. Ram rump. Burgle butts. Corn-hole. Bite the pillow. Swish when they walk. Prance around in pink. But now, 30% of young idiots identify as ass-pirates??? Uh-huh. Riiiggghhhtt. Okaaaaaay. Something’s wrong with this picture, Nathan…really, really, wrong…hold on, wait a second: “When […]

26 February, 2021

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(Once an abnormal, undesirable trait, homosexuality is now hip and trendy! But since homosexuals cannot reproduce, that’s great proof that homosexuality is a biological mistake, a genetic quirk that nature didn’t intend to happen). Liberal #1: “I’m gay! I told my wife last night!” Liberal #2: “So am I! I came out last month!” Liberal […]

24 January, 2021

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The key sentence in the article: “He (a former White nationalist) also has started a platform to help LGBTQ people like himself out of the world of hate.” Ohhh, okay. Got it. Yeah. It’s all clear now. As if preserving your heritage is hate! If preserving your heritage is hate, then Blacks, Browns, Jews and […]

22 December, 2020

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Queen, live, in 1975. Okay, so Fabulous Freddie had “too much swish in his hips” and was “a little too sissy for the show” — you got a problem with that? You do? Oh. Okay, then. [Video, duration is 1 hour, 8 minutes].

11 December, 2020

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Homosexual #1: “A famthbly canth be anythinth you thayth. Ith can beth three menth and five dogth!” [1]. Homosexual #2: “Yeth! How darth you thayth thath we’re noth a famthbly!” Homosexual #3: “Your’th juth a bunch of hate-mongerth!” [Article]. . [1] “Gay ‘lisp’: What’s sometimes incorrectly described as a gay “lisp” is one manner of […]

26 November, 2020

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Seen: a news reporter “outing” herself to the world. Why does she think that everybody wants to know? We don’t, honey! Rhetorical question: back in the 1970s, how could queers like the famous actors Roddy McDowell and Rock Hudson keep their sexuality quiet from the public, but, today, every homosexual from Los Angeles to Moscow […]