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8 September, 2021

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by Dr. William Pierce. […] “If homosexuals were merely men confused about their sexuality, such a broadcast wouldn’t be worthwhile. But there is, unfortunately, much more to it. Homosexuals are profoundly abnormal people, and their abnormality, their sickness affects much more than their preference in sexual partners. They have an abnormal way of looking at […]

5 September, 2021

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There is a phrase among the political right-wing that America has become “clown world.” Yes, in many ways it has. Common sense has largely vanished. Ridiculousness is now the order of the day: “transgenderism,” Marxism being taught in the schools, Black people allowed to ruin the cities with crime, our political “leaders” aiding and abetting […]

21 August, 2021

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The very idea that, if you are a queer, you will “do science” differently! (Although, granted, the homosexual brain is different from the heterosexual brain). Note in the video, beginning at about the 105 minute mark, the mention of “male and female” being social constructions (constructs). Here we go again with the postmodernism! Remember, postmodernism […]

12 August, 2021

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There is no childhood innocence anymore. Thanks to constant leftist propaganda, the average child is jaded by the time he reaches the age of ten. His little world is an endless parade of queers, trannies, “global warming” doomsday crap and “White people are bad/Black people are good.” How to counteract that? Homeschool your kids and […]

25 July, 2021

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(Above: the late Army General Jorge Videla of Argentina. He died in prison after being sent there for giving leftists free helicopter rides circa 1977. Those ungrateful punks. When someone offers you a free helicopter ride, you eagerly accept it and say “thank you!” — right? Right? No???? Oh. Okay, then). It’s remarkable how quickly […]

20 July, 2021

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If you are getting the sinking feeling that modern Western culture has been thoroughly wrecked by Jews, guess what: you’re right! Without Jews, “trannies” wouldn’t exist. “Having written an essay on Jewish ‘sexology’ in 2015, it came as no surprise that the Scientific American opened the piece by celebrating the fact this clinic, Institut füer […]

7 July, 2021

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(Above: the Jewish Marxist Eugene Kamenka). by Elizabeth McCaw. (The pro-homosexual movement is Cultural Marxism, i.e., “leveling” or “equalizing” society, making every human equal to the next one. This wipes out “White male hegemony” which is the end goal of all forms of Marxism/socialism. Eugene Kamenka said it himself: that Marxism seeks to create a […]

6 July, 2021

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The global Left is telling people how to think. Telling people how they should feel about homosexuals and trannies. What right do the leftists have to do that? The Left is always talking about “human rights.” Isn’t it “a violation of human rights” to force people to think a certain way? To deny them free […]

1 July, 2021

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This newspaper article would not have been printed in 1995. Also, in most states, there are laws against exposing minors to any “adult material.” The title is: “Yes, kink belongs at Pride. And I want my kids to see it.” [Article].

20 June, 2021

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Have you caught fag fever yet? No? That’s okay. You’ll catch it. Everyone else has. It’s highly contagious. You catch it from the Jewish media. It’s 24/7 homo-worship, from Beijing to Los Angeles. Long live the queers! Yay, butt-burglars! Ass-pirates rule! [Article].