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1 February, 2017

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(Above: the communist Karl Marx) If you haven’t reached puberty yet, how would you know if you’re a “girl trapped in a boy’s body” or vice versa, since you don’t yet have sexual or romantic feelings [1]? Note for the record, newbies, that there’s no such thing as a “transgender” person. Humans cannot change their […]

21 January, 2017

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Jewish activist: “Oh, my God, it’s hate!” Leftist activist: “Oh, my God, it’s hate!” Feminist activist: “Oh, my God, it’s hate!” Dyslexic leftist activist: “Hate it’s, God my, Oh!” Retarded leftist activist: “Duhh, urk, duhh, hrrmmmm…” Retarded dyslexic leftist activist: “Hrrmmm, duhh, urk, duhh…” Retarded queer dyslexic leftist activist: “Hrrmmmth, duhhth, urkth, duhhth…” [Article].

22 December, 2016

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That’s good news. It sounds like the people in North Carolina have more brains than in most states. Who would want men to use women’s bathrooms? The idea is revolting, as are the people who like that idea. (The pro-tranny movement is part of the pro-queer movement. The latter movement is overwhelmingly Jewish, i.e., most […]

13 December, 2016

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“Phobia/phobic” means “fear of” – in other words, if you are “xenophobic” then you are afraid of immigrants/foreigners (and, considering what’s been going on in Germany lately, you should be afraid of immigrants). Most people aren’t afraid of queers, but they are turned off by them and by their habit of “pushing” homosexuality onto “straight” […]

26 November, 2016

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If “a person’s sexuality doesn’t matter!” (as the queer lobby constantly claims) then why mention it at all? Why talk about it? Hmmm? Back in the 1950s, if you were a queer, you kept your mouth shut about it and it worked out fine for everyone. [Article].

23 October, 2016

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(Above: F.D. Roosevelt) America had quite a two-fer in the 1930s/1940s: we had a crippled commie and a lesbo in the White House! [1]. And to think, the Roosevelt’s are now considered to be political royalty – FDR is even on America’s money (the dime). You drag America into a world war and you get […]

13 September, 2016

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Liberal #1: “Hey, that Black lady is really a guy. ‘She’ has a dick!” Liberal #2: “Shhhhhh! Don’t tell anybody. Remember, we’re liberals: we tolerate everything, no matter how stupid. So just smile and ignore the bulge in his, uhhh, her crotch, and everything will be fine!” [Article].

29 July, 2016

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..and no one can stop it since America is a “democracy” full of idiots and crooked politicians. Make no mistake: this “queer thing” isn’t an evolution (i.e., a society evolving slowly and naturally). This is a revolution (i.e., a society being changed very quickly and very deliberately by certain people who have a sick agenda). […]

7 July, 2016

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Why does the queer lobby use the label “LGBTQ”? Because that label makes it sound like there are many more queers in the West than there actually are. The truth is, there aren’t very many queers in the West. Maybe 1% of the population is queer (yet the fag lobby claims 10% of the population […]

24 June, 2016

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Surprise: a disproportionate percentage of the 133 celebrities who signed the “open letter to Congress” are Jewish or homosexual. [Article].