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3 December, 2009

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But why? Germany didn’t start WWI. In fact, Germany mobilized for war 3rd, behind the others. Nonetheless, your history teacher, Mr. Goldberg, had some clever excuses for German reparations, huh? Of course he did. He could recite them instantly, like most yids. Newbies, the Versailles Treaty conference was molded and shaped by the Jewish advisers […]

2 March, 2009

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What authority does the ACLU have to “investigate” a fire department? Trivia: Jewish judge and troublemaker Felix Frankfurter was a co-founder of the ACLU [1]: [Article]. [1] Frankfurter was notorious for squeezing his Jewish associates into dozens of federal government positions, thereby guaranteeing that the Jewing of America would proceed quickly. He can be considered […]