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11 October, 2021

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What is government-mandated, gender-related social engineering? It’s communism (i.e., Cultural Marxism)[1]. The Bolsheviks engaged in gender-related social engineering in the Soviet Union decades ago. News quote: “California became the first state in the nation Saturday to adopt a law requiring large retail stores to provide gender neutral toy sections under a bill signed by Gov. […]

3 September, 2021

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Fat, skinny, what’s the diff? Always early, always late, what’s the diff? Clean, dirty, what’s the diff? Winner, loser, what’s the diff? Well, there’s plenty of diff, as normal people know! (Trivia: today, constantly being early for appointments is called “being a nerd” — i.e., it’s a “bad” thing, it’s a “White” thing, it’s so […]

26 August, 2021

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And to think, we Americans fought communism in Korea and Vietnam! But now communism’s in Canada — you know, that mild-mannered country up north with lots of trees, snow and maple syrup? What in hell is a “Minister for Gender Equality”? Never heard of that position before. Must be a new thing. That position assumes […]

24 August, 2021

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“The Lady and the Duke” (2001); in French with English subtitles. This is a good movie about the French Revolution (1789-1799), which I have posted about before. Filmed in a unique way, this movie documents the “first communist revolution in history” (i.e., leftists overthrew and murdered the king and queen of France thanks largely to […]

4 August, 2021

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Some types of people were left off of the last (too short) list of human blights. Let us fix that: Human Blights: Jews Black people Brown people vegetarians queers trannies midgets fat people people who constantly whistle people who practice yoga people who eat sushi people who eat tofu people who believe in global warming […]

4 August, 2021

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He nails the fundamental problem in the Western world since World War II: the belief that human beings are, or can be, equal. This fraudulent belief has, of course, been pushed very hard by the Jews, lest “another Hitler” come along and “oppress” God’s Pets. Oppressing a Pet is the greatest of all sins — […]

2 August, 2021

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(Above: Rene Cassin [1887-1976]: Jew, judge and tampon-wearer). Any time you see/hear the term “human rights,” run away. Fast. “Human rights” is Culturally Marxist baloney designed to favor human blights (i.e., Blacks, Browns, Jews, queers, trannies, vegetarians, midgets and people who practice yoga). “Human rights” is leftist crap. The term was coined by the Jew, […]

27 June, 2021

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Since 1948, “human rights” have been a big thing in the West. All humans enjoy “human rights” simply because they are human, we are told by the UN, UNESCO and by famous leftists. They say that all of the world’s humans enjoy human rights, even retards and communists and 400-pound fat women. But that’s not […]

16 June, 2021

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“A New Human Right–the Right to Globalization” he says. Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha. “This Essay also argues that national allegiance and globalization cannot stand together.” Well, I agree with that part. They cannot stand together. You can have a nation of people who are alike, or you can have globalism. Not both. First, let’s define globalization concretely for […]

3 June, 2021

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Yeah, they’re equal all right: equally miserable! In Cuba, only the “elites” can get caviar and chocolate! But wait a second: how can a communist country have “elites” anyway? I mean, don’t they all share everything in communist countries? Don’t they sit around campfires singing happy songs about peace, love, brotherhood, freedom and world conquest? […]