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4 June, 2007

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News about Alex’s court appearance: [Here]

28 May, 2007

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[Here] (you may have to reset your computer security settings to “medium” to watch the video. Also, note the commentary about the rally). The latest news about Alex: [Here]

9 May, 2007

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Thanks to KT reader for digging this up. Some clown named Mills uses my words to bash jew Auster – well, to pile on after jew Auster was fired by jew Horowitz, which Mills, new to me, praises, even though he dislikes jew Horowitz. Bottom line? Over 100 White women are raped by niggers daily […]

5 May, 2007

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Read a first-hand account of a nigger gang-rape; or, one woman’s awakening to the reality of the New South Africa – Arsezania, as the master of the “Why South Africa Sucks” blog calls it.

5 May, 2007

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By Alex Linder Jew Auster has published a piece at jew Horowitz’s FrontPageMag (reader reaction here) in which he reveals the latest Dept. of Justice figures, which show what the title says – namely, that there are 40,000 nig-on-White rapes a year in this country, but zero, literally zero, White-on-black rapes! What jew Auster withholds […]

30 April, 2007

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Check this shit: Brit writer spills the beans about The Greatest Generation’s post-Good War German genocide – naturally, theTelegraph jewhos soiled themselves in their haste to add the required mitigating language, lest they bring down the nose-shofarin’ wrath of “Lord” Janner: “After the atrocities that the Nazis had visited on Europe, some degree of justified […]

12 April, 2007

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Knowledge is spreading; anger is growing. Thanks to Curt Maynard, one of the most active and powerful of a rising generation of White writers (don’t miss his Politically Correct Apostate) for helping punch this hush crime into the heart of the Media Matrix… As individuals, we can do nothing. As a team, there is nothing […]

11 April, 2007

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By Alex Linder The jews producing the New York Times won’t breathe a word about the vicious double-slaying of Channon Christian and Chris Newsom. But there is a murder in Tennessee they do care about — and have already printed a long report on: the Winkler murder. Indeed, it’s already all over the national cable […]

4 April, 2007

Posted by alex in hush crimes, Knoxville rally at 11:20 pm | Permanent Link will lead a RALLY AGAINST GENOCIDE, IN HONOR OF CHANNON CHRISTIAN AND CHRIS NEWSOM: SATURDAY MAY 26, 2007. KNOXVILLE, TENNESSEE (site announced week of rally) ALL WHITE MEN AND WOMEN WHO SEEK A WHITE NATION ENCOURAGED TO ATTEND… Contact [email protected] for details Not a black and white issue Stefanie Williams Issue date: 4/4/07 Section: […]

25 March, 2007

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It never ends. Niggers are nothing but land sharks. Governments that allows niggers among their populace are, by that very fact, illegitimate. [Video through: Detroit Is Crap]