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10 November, 2009

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The Jews don’t have to worry about this: there will be no investigation of our Jewed immigration policies, which bring Muslims to America, and no investigation of our Jewed foreign policies in the Middle East, which fuel Muslim anger towards America. “Coincidentally,” the Senate committee that will investigate the Ft. Hood incident is led by […]

25 October, 2009

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Well, well, a plot to displace/replace the White people of Britain with foreigners. If Britain were sane, those government officials would be charged with a crime: treason: [Article].

7 October, 2009

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by Dr. William L. Pierce. “TODAY WE’LL TAKE A LOOK into the future — a look into what the future will be like if we all remain spectators and simply let the present course of events continue. And we’ll also look at what the future could be if we choose to become participants in the […]

3 October, 2009

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Why would the people of Ireland vote “yes” and give away their freedom and sovereignty (especially after they voted “no” the first time, back in 2008)? The answer is that they were tricked into doing so by a clever political campaign. Only scoundrels fool people into doing things that aren’t in their best interests. Shame […]

9 September, 2009

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Crusty old prospector: “Wait a second. That’s not gold. That’s Goldwater! Damn it – how in hell did those people get into Arizona??” [1]: [Article]. [1] Sen. Barry Goldwater was half-Jewish

3 September, 2009

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Look: several illegalis mexicanus in their natural habitat! [Article]. Close-up photo: [Here].

25 August, 2009

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More abuse of White technology. Who pays for that flight program? White American taxpayers [1]. Why aren’t Mexican taxpayers funding that program? These days, Whites always pay for the misdeeds or misfortunes of non-Whites. When there’s a flood, famine or other disaster in some Third-World country, who pays for the relief aid? Yep, White taxpayers. […]

19 June, 2009

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Two White men are shipped off to face prison for Orwellian thought-crimes while the U.S. government allows every sort of non-White urchin to stay in America regardless of the circumstances. Truly sickening: [Article].

17 June, 2009

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by Ted Sallis. “The suicide of the West is far more than a figure of speech. All Western societies — and only Western societies — are voluntarily allowing mass immigration of peoples who are not ethnically connected to historical Europe. Not only are they allowing massive non-White immigration, it is being promoted as fulfilling the […]

2 May, 2009

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The Jews are so sure that every White person is a closet anti-Semite ready to p-p-poisecute them that they’re willing to destroy Western culture in order to “save” themselves. It’s pure insanity, and it’s…all your fault! Yes! Some way, somehow, The Other is to blame for their insanity. Jews are always innocent, Whites are always […]