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14 April, 2010

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Communist: “I believe that all humans are equal!” Christian: “So do I!” [Article].

25 January, 2010

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The crime statistics are “controversial”? More like “easily preventable”: [Article].

3 January, 2010

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Of course Sarkozy – a Jew – would play the role of the pro-immigrant and say that France was built by foreigners. It serves the Jewish community to portray White countries as “historic melting pots of diversity.” Yet, at the same time, Sarkozy, with these town-hall meetings, seems to want to limit the worsening impact […]

8 December, 2009

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How can you culture-wreck if you aren’t free to culture-wreck? Oy… [Article].

30 November, 2009

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Two men talk in the year 2120, somewhere in North America: Brown man #1: “What ever happened to the White people?” Brown man #2: “Lucky for us, they were too kind to everyone.” [Article].

25 November, 2009

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“Klugman,” huh? Is that an Irish name? The UN has Jewish fingerprints all over it, from its ideological roots (the Soviet Comintern, run by the Jew named Zinoviev, was an earlier, failed attempt at global government) to its founders (Pasvolsky, Perlo, Adler, etc.). This is from early October, but just saw it today for the […]

10 November, 2009

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The Jews don’t have to worry about this: there will be no investigation of our Jewed immigration policies, which bring Muslims to America, and no investigation of our Jewed foreign policies in the Middle East, which fuel Muslim anger towards America. “Coincidentally,” the Senate committee that will investigate the Ft. Hood incident is led by […]

25 October, 2009

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Well, well, a plot to displace/replace the White people of Britain with foreigners. If Britain were sane, those government officials would be charged with a crime: treason: [Article].

7 October, 2009

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by Dr. William L. Pierce. “TODAY WE’LL TAKE A LOOK into the future — a look into what the future will be like if we all remain spectators and simply let the present course of events continue. And we’ll also look at what the future could be if we choose to become participants in the […]

3 October, 2009

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Why would the people of Ireland vote “yes” and give away their freedom and sovereignty (especially after they voted “no” the first time, back in 2008)? The answer is that they were tricked into doing so by a clever political campaign. Only scoundrels fool people into doing things that aren’t in their best interests. Shame […]