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4 June, 2007

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According to this news article, an illegal immigrant from Guatemala has been accepted into Harvard’s education school. Given the fact that Harvard is the most prestigious university in America, this might be a good matter to investigate further. For example, doesn’t Harvard screen applicants for citizenship status? If it doesn’t now, does it plan to […]

21 May, 2007

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How many people were killed by immigration “extremists” last year? Any? How many people were killed by negroes and Mexicans? Thousands, we guess. So why focus attention on anti-immigration activists? Besides that, anyone who has studied the matter knows that America’s founders created a White republic [1]. Also, note the mention of Pauly: [Article] [1] […]

20 May, 2007

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Those of you who are still registered voters: if you don’t want 20 million Mexicans to become U.S. citizens/legal residents in the next 13 years, please call your Congressmen about this bill. The bill is called the “Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act of 2007,” also known as bill S.1348. Contact information for the Senate: [Here] Contact […]

18 May, 2007

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What a coincidence: we just mentioned Zangwill in the last post. Is “melting pot” usage part of the curriculum at Jewish schools? [Article]

18 May, 2007

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Why are “conservative” Congressmen supporting the amnesty bill for illegal aliens? Because they aren’t “conservative” – in fact, that word is now nearly meaningless as a political term. All it means is that a Congressman supports Israel, only half of Big Jew’s agenda, and big business interests. How is that “conservative?” This new amnesty law […]

14 November, 2006

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BRITAIN TODAY [From Spectator, not online] Not funny, but it struck home Rod Liddle Apparently almost a million British citizens have left the country since 2000, to live somewhere else. Last year, according to the Office for National Statistics, 380,000 people left Britain, of whom about 200,000 were British citizens. At the same time, though, […]

8 November, 2006

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12 August, 2006

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Race-free restrictionism makes strange bedfellows…

21 April, 2006

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You simply cannot trust man-in-the-street interviews as conducted by jew-owned media. You can bet your LIFE — That’s right, your LIFE…that these responses were handpicked to put across the jewish view, which is that the more non-Whites pollute America, the dumpier the dump. Which is great when you’re a shithouse ratstein. The creation of false […]

14 April, 2006

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Youths are destroying Oslo (Norway) Aftenposten ^ | 04.11.2006 | FRODE SAETRAN Posted on 04/14/2006 6:57:05 AM PDT by Eurotwit Criminal youths are in the process of destroying the social environment in Oslo, concludes the Oslo City Court. Small girls are raped and robbed. Schoolchildren’s are threatened with death, robbed and assaulted. The Stovner-police is […]