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23 March, 2019

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Note that the UN was founded by an “American” Jew, Leo Pasvolsky, and the UN building is located in New York City on “international land.” Yeah, suuure. The Serbs were acting defensively, they insist. They were worried that since the “international community” (including the UN and America) had recognized Bosnia as an independent state (it […]

16 November, 2017

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The anti-White, communist dictator, Robert Mugabe, has lost power in Chimpbabwe (which used to be a White country called Rhodesia). Now, will Mudgabe face human-rights/genocide charges at a tribunal in the Netherlands, like Radovan Karadzic did? [1]. (Nope, because Mudboy is a negro, not a White man. Only Whites are charged with “international human-rights abuses”). […]

31 October, 2014

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Spain signed the 1951 UN Refugee Convention. Why? Who knows? But it doesn’t matter. We learned in Political Science class that all countries have automatic sovereignty first and foremost. That means that one country cannot meddle in the policies and decisions of another country. What occurs in country “X” is its business and nobody else’s […]

25 March, 2014

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International Jew #1: “Doesn’t Russia know that only America, Israel and NATO can invade other countries? You’ve got to get Jew approval to invade other countries!” International Jew #2: “Yeah! Who does Putin think he is, George W. Bush?” International Jew #3: “See, we’ve got a list, Mr. Putin. Crimea and Transvestism ain’t on it. […]

19 November, 2013

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Need any more proof that the UN is totally bogus? Why is America still a member of this Jewish-founded organization? [Article].

31 August, 2013

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Seen in the media: Russia’s mention of the UN Charter vis-a-vis Syria. Did you know that a Jew wrote the UN Charter? That alone should make the UN a questionable organization, not to mention NATO, which came from the UN Charter. Anyway, global government is not legitimate. As I’ve said before, we learned in Political […]

14 July, 2013

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The Nuremberg trials of former Nazis were so fraudulent that they could not have been held in America, since the U.S. prohibits kangaroo-court tactics such as ex post facto charges and hearsay testimony [1]. The Nuremberg trials were so ethnically tainted that they could be described as “Jewish-produced.” Not surprisingly, Nuremberg remains “legit” to historians […]

7 July, 2013

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You can argue that “international law” is illegal, since it violates the natural sovereignty of countries. But you can also argue that attacking Arab/Muslim countries not for self-defense reasons but only to benefit Israel (e.g., the 2003 Iraq War) is also illegal. [Video].

18 May, 2012

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According to the media and the “human rights” groups, the Serbs are the only people who have committed ethnic violence in the Balkans. That claim is, of course, baloney. The truth is that Muslims were the instigators and aggressors of the Serb-vs.-Muslim ethnic feud. [Article].

1 January, 2012

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Good reading for newbies who aren’t familiar with the colossal farce that was Nuremberg, a.k.a. Jew’emberg. Not only did Jews like Murray Bernays and David “Mickey” Marcus plan the Nuremberg show trials, they even picked many of the judges and prosecutors. Some of the Frankfurt School teachers were there, and Hermann Göring’s interpreter was a […]