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17 February, 2017

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Four comments about the article: 1. America’s 2016 election wasn’t hacked. (Ballot/poll computers weren’t hacked, in other words). 2. Israel isn’t a democracy. It’s a Jewish state founded on terrorism and built on land stolen from Jordan, Egypt and Syria in 1967. 3. The Jews have been at war with humanity since at least the […]

7 September, 2016

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Seen on the TV: an advertisement for an upcoming TV documentary about the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks on America. I’ve always wondered what exactly happened on 9/11, but I don’t think Israel will ever tell us.

4 September, 2016

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The BDS movement isn’t “anti-Semitic.” Anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism are not the same. You can oppose Israel’s policies and still not hate Jews. But, deliberately mislabeling things is what the Jews do. They are experts at it. Such mislabeling confuses the people, and that’s the whole idea. In fact, deception is so central to the Jewish […]

9 August, 2016

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Jews and neoconservatives have created another public, anti-Donald Trump letter, the second such letter in 5 months. They must be feeling desperate! Of course, the issue here isn’t “Trump will be bad for America’s security.” The issue here is “Trump will be bad for Zionism and Israel.” (Indeed, Trump has said that he won’t visit […]

30 March, 2016

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It’s this: “Everything we do, we do for the Jew.” This includes fighting or supporting endless wars in the Middle East for Israel’s benefit. The 2003 Iraq War was waged for Israel, as you can read at the end of this news article. Furthermore, Israel is the only country on earth that gets its American […]

24 March, 2015

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Nope. Having a parliament doesn’t make you a democracy. Isntreal is a Jewish state that practices apartheid and routinely violates the Geneva Conventions by using military force against civilians. Strangely, South Africa and Rhodesia were forced by the “international community” to abandon apartheid, but Israel is allowed to keep its apartheid. One standard for Whites, […]