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23 February, 2009

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Over the years, anti-Semitism – which is a reaction to Jewish behavior – has been described as “new” several times – for example, back in 1974 and also in 2003. Significantly, the latest “new anti-Semitism” includes, as its main feature, criticism of the illegitimate state of Israel. That’s interesting, because it lumps political criticism together […]

23 January, 2009

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Memoranda of Understanding (MOU), i.e., American security guarantees to Israel, came out of the 1975 Sinai II agreement engineered by Jewish diplomat Henry Kissinger. MOUs mean that Obama’s Middle East policies won’t vary much from Bush’s. (Significantly, Israel’s “right to exist” is mentioned in a secret memorandum which accompanied the 1975 MOU): [Article].

30 April, 2008

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“Civil rights.” “Human rights.” Jews love to create rights out of thin air. They say that Israel has a “right to exist” (Rice mentions it in the news article below). Fact: no country on earth enjoys such a right. Countries come and go. Look at Yugoslavia: it no longer exists: [Article].