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7 September, 2020

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[Article] and [Article].

9 August, 2020

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“Justice requires equality before the law, which is an instance of equality of opportunity. It isn’t an equality of outcome. Opportunity is justly offered to all on equal terms. That doesn’t mean that everyone will be equally able to meet those terms. Some people will have more ability, more relevant merit, than other people do. […]

21 July, 2020

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“This universe barely tolerates life, and astronomical observations today suggest that intelligent life is very, very rare. If the universe is ever to become a place generally characterized by life, by civilization, rather than by sterility, then the white race is the race that is most likely to make it happen. If whites disappear from […]

14 July, 2020

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I don’t know Abbott, but I do know that he’s very intelligent, so he should be heard. […] “Black Lives Matter is a treasonous and a terrorist group, which makes it an enemy of the United States. It does not matter that BLM is also a domestic group. They are an organized enemy group that […]

6 June, 2019

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Liberal chick: “But-but-but, the French adopted the metric system! So did every other European country!” Yeah, whatever, babe. Good points made here. Someone said that the English system is “more intuitive” than the metric system. That’s right. How do you say, “it’s 3/4 full” or “gimme half of that” in metric? Wonder what Jerry Abbott […]

18 June, 2012

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by Jerry Abbott. […] “The reason the egalitarians, rather than the racists, resort to shaming words is simple. The racists are right. And the egalitarians are wrong. If the egalitarians had any chance of proving themselves right empirically, they’d do it. Since they don’t, they resort to tactics of disinformation, censorship, and political pressure.” [Article].

28 February, 2011

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Jerry Abbott has the statistics on his blog: […] “Hispanics abuse children in almost exact proportion to their demographic representation. Whites and Asians abuse children at a rate lower than their population percentage. Amerindians and Blacks abuse children at a rate higher than their population percentage.” [Article].

2 December, 2010

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Abbott comments: [His blog].

6 April, 2010

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by Jerry Abbott: [Here].

30 January, 2010

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How many times must America rebuild Haiti? Jerry Abbott comments: [Article].