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20 March, 2006

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by Max Hadden In 1998 the University of Illinois Press published a book titled Red Diapers: Growing Up in the Communist Left by two Jews named Judy Kaplan and Linn Shapiro. A red diaper baby is the child of parents who were members of the US Communist Party or who were sympathetic to its aims. […]

19 March, 2006

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[Workaday loxism. A jew is paid money out of white pockets to teach White kids to hate themselves. This softens them up for getting involved with niggers and ruining their lives. Loxist genocide is a career choice for paranoid, vicious, spiteful jews. Do you think this ridiculous, poisonous kike will mention the role his fellow […]

19 March, 2006

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Hitler, the Jews, and Rabbi Lapin by Chad Powers (Jewish Tribal Review) “You’d have to be a recent immigrant from Outer Mongolia not to know of the role that people with Jewish names play in the coarsening of our culture. Almost every American knows this. It is just that most gentiles are too polite to […]

19 March, 2006

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[Roberts, longtime practitioner of cowphemism, the cowardly use of ‘nazi’ where jew is indicated, gets shit on by one of Horowitz’s beards at FrontPageMag for hinting what is discussed freely among loyal Whites: that jews produce the terror they need as pretext for their wars. Jews must keep even the gelded conservatives on the plantation, […]

19 March, 2006

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There’s none so brave as the “good” Christian anonym, the leftist punk with his head wrapped up, bravely “exposing” hate, as defined by the dictatorship they smithers for. Unlike Smithers, these fools don’t realize they have a boss, and don’t get paid. They’re doing what they think is the lord’s work, without ever realizing they […]

16 March, 2006

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‘Blame-the-Jews’ official endorses Gore Rep. Moran sees former VP ‘stronger and more committed’ Jews don’t control the media. It’s simply a coincidence that anyone who offers the slightest criticism of them is defined ever after by that one ‘slip.’ In the full-blown Jewish Tyranny known as AmeriKwa under ZOG, you are never, ever to observe […]

16 March, 2006

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A man never stoops so low as when he lies for Israel. “Just like September 11, only with nuclear weapons this time, that’s the threat. I think that is the threat,” Bolton told ABC News’ Nightline program. “I think it’s just facing reality. It’s not a happy reality, but it’s reality and if you don’t […]