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23 November, 2009

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by Dr. Lasha Darkmoon. [Part 1]. [Part 2].

18 November, 2009

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by John Kaminski. “Writing is a little like fishing. The keyboard is your boat afloat on a sea of ideas. Your knowledge is the line. Your objective is the hook. Sometimes the fish are thick, and new ideas cascade into being one after the other. Other times, when the sea is calm, you can wait […]

16 November, 2009

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A good article by Tom Sunic. Jews led the assault on beautiful, proportionate art and architecture because they hate it. They hate it because Jews themselves are ugly and they know it. Big noses, big ears – their faces are disproportionate, and worse, many Jews have a rodent-like appearance. They can’t recognize beauty when it’s […]

14 November, 2009

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Why worry about terrorism or swine flu when there’s this much-more-serious matter: whack-jobs policing our culture. With their control of things such as the media, Hollywood and book publishing, the Jews serve as the “gatekeepers” of our society, deciding what discourse is and isn’t acceptable. But Jews are, collectively, mentally ill. Don’t believe it? Paranoia, […]

6 November, 2009

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“The French leader, albeit with different research methods, is currently carrying out his own survey on national identity.” Of course, Jews (i.e., fakers) like Sarkozy and Levi-Strauss “become” French, English, Danish or whatever, changing their ethnicity to match their environment, like chameleons. (Newbies, a good example of that is Victor Borge, who is now a […]

17 October, 2009

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By the way, a funny Jewish joke here: [Article].

13 October, 2009

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Any gentile who criticizes Jews is a carpet-chewing wacko. There’s no other possible explanation – ask God (oops, G_d): [Article at VNN Forum].

3 October, 2009

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by Dr. Revilo Oliver. “IT IS ALWAYS extremely difficult for a member of one race to understand, or even to appraise fairly, the mentality of another race. I have often commented on a puzzling aspect of the Jewish mind, the strange desinvolture–no, it’s more than that: the downright negligence with which they perpetrate hoaxes that […]

26 September, 2009

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“Carthage had been destroyed, but among the Carthaginian satellites had been the Jews, scattered westward from Palestine but of Asian origin and sympathies, potential spies and rebels, difficult to assimilate and impossible to trust. The Jew represented then, and has appeared ever since as an enemy agent behind the European lines, tolerated when the East […]

17 September, 2009

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Of course the goyim will fund it. Never mind the fact that Jews are the wealthiest people in the West per capita and could easily pay for it: [Article].