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13 July, 2013

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Having abandoned the common-sense policies of Salazar decades ago, Portugal – the poorest country in Europe – thinks that sucking up to the Jews will reverse its slide into the toilet. But of course it won’t work [1]. [Article]. [1] Portuguese leader Antonio de Olivera Salazar, a “soft fascist,” supported Hitler but, like Franco, avoided […]

5 June, 2013

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Jews get nervous when White people rebel against their Jew World Order [1]. The Whites rebelled once and the Jews want to make sure it doesn’t happen again. [Article]. [1] the JWO includes leftism, non-White immigration, feminism, internationalism, global government, and hate-crime laws

4 May, 2013

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First drones, now this. But you don’t really mind living in a surveillance society, do you? You do? Well, then, you’re going on “the list.” (By the way, this list will focus on White right-wingers, not on Blacks, Mexicans or leftists). [Article].

17 March, 2013

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It ain’t your daddy’s Marine Corps anymore, but it is your mamma’s! [Article].

23 February, 2013

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Really? Don’t they mean, “a global force for Zionism and the New World Order”? [Webpage].

11 December, 2012

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Meanwhile, all of the White countries (i.e., the Jewed countries) say “yes” to faggotry, feminism and other horrible things. [Article].

3 November, 2012

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It has to increase. War might become unfashionable and racism might return – that wouldn’t be good for the New World Order. Even though Abe Lincoln is loved by both conservatives and liberals (how scary is that?), in reality he was a war-mongering scoundrel who killed his own people when he didn’t have to. By […]

24 October, 2012

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Don’t worry. All the Jews are trying to do is “fix the world” since gentiles screwed it up/didn’t manage it right, according to Judaism. It’s not like the world is in danger or anything…what??…”remember the Comintern?” Oh, yeah. Never mind, then. Anyway, about OSCE. First, there was the League of Nations, but it didn’t do […]

4 October, 2012

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Little Johnny: “Why did they have to destroy Rhodesia?” Teacher: “Because it was ruled by White people.” Little Johnny: “What’s wrong with that?” Teacher: “White rule is evil, Johnny, and it must be abolished from the earth.” At one time, Rhodesia (now called Zimbabwe) was known as “the bread basket of Africa” since so many […]

21 July, 2012

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International Human-Rights Asshole #1: “Let’s send the Afghans to Scandinavia – they seem to like foreigners.” International Human-Rights Asshole #2: “No, I have a better idea. Let’s twist the knife a little more: we’ll send the Afghans to quiet, picturesque towns in Germany. There, they will breed, and soon there won’t be any more quiet, […]