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11 June, 2011

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It ain’t your daddy’s Navy anymore – but it is your sister’s! [Article].

10 June, 2011

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The EU doesn’t want families. It wants feminism. [Article].

7 June, 2011

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…courtesy of a little tikkun olam! One globalist, Jew-founded entity (NATO) is paving the way for Qaddafi’s downfall. Another, related globalist entity (the UN) will “oversee” the replacement of Qaddafi with whomever the globalists want. Where did these international outfits get the authority to do all of that? Good question. Anyway, “post-Qaddafi Libya” will be […]

26 May, 2011

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In Serbia, Muslim Albanians/KLA members are never arrested for ‘war crimes’ or ‘genocide’ [1]. Only the White, Christian Serbs are arrested. Interesting, huh? Also, the Muslims started the fighting in the first place. The Serbs only retaliated against the Muslims. The Serbs are the victims, not the bullies. By the way, this arrest of Mladik […]

7 May, 2011

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by Mark Glenn. (Glenn makes a good point, i.e., that the Arab/Muslim culture is the only one fighting against the “Western” New World Order. However, White people who look for any Levantine religion to save them are only dreaming). [Article].

25 April, 2011

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But don’t worry. It’s all part of the NWO plan: transfer wealth, power and technology from Whites to non-Whites. No big deal. Just think: you’ll be taking orders from Brown Man in no time. Neat-o! [Article].

19 April, 2011

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After being Jewed twice, it looks like Hungary wants to make a comeback. But as long as the Hungarians cling to a turn-the-other-cheek, egalitarian religion birthed by Jews (i.e., Christianity), they aren’t going to be very successful in the battle against the NWO/JWO [1]. [Article]. [1] The Old Testament was written by Jews. Some say […]

30 July, 2010

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It’s true – the British are more inclined to embrace the NWO/JWO. Maybe it’s all that tea they drink… [Article].

16 July, 2010

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Even “macho,” Catholic countries are following NWO/JWO guidelines: [Article].

6 May, 2010

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If “won” means being saddled with political correctness/cultural Marxism, multiculturalism, feminism, non-White immigration, non-White crime, an anti-White, immoral and materialistic popular culture, a 40-year Cold War, massive debt, roller-coaster interest rates and never-ending inflation as a result of the defeat of Germany and the pathologicalization of Nazi ideas (which of course led to Jewish cultural […]