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29 August, 2007

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The poor Jews: they spent years working to desegregate America’s schools [1], only to have much of their work undone by a 2007 Supreme Court ruling. (Of course, it could be argued that the Jews and liberals no longer need school desegregation programs, having already multiculturalized America to a significant degree): [Article] [1] Brown v. […]

28 August, 2007

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It wasn’t surprising to learn that the Jewish filmmaker Aaron Russo – who died a few days ago and whose death was mentioned by VNN – wasn’t merely a libertarian but was a libertarian activist who was once a presidential candidate. Why wasn’t it surprising? Because libertarianism is a Jewish movement posing as a freedom […]

28 August, 2007

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Why investigate free speech? [Article] More: [Here]

27 August, 2007

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What happened to sovereignty, which was a right universally acknowledged until recently? This was mentioned at the VNN Forum, but it’s worth repeating here: during the past century, the West – and much of the rest of the world as well – underwent a drastic political and social transformation. Basically, there was a battle between […]

26 August, 2007

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It seems that the American Jewish Committee was pretty busy in the 1950s: [Here] More AJC material: [Here]

23 August, 2007

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Will this book be sold in Israel? Or only in Europe? [Article]

18 August, 2007

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We don’t know who they are yet, but the force is strong with these two: Why Los Angeles Sucks! Newspapers. Pure crap. In L.A. we have the Daily News, asmall paper that at one point was what some might consider a fairlyright wing publication geared toward the San Fernando Valley section ofthe city. It’s been […]

18 August, 2007

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“Anti-Western” means anti-Jewish these days [1]: [Article] [1] about the BBC: [Here]

15 August, 2007

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Here’s another good excuse for the government to regulate the internet: [Article]

14 August, 2007

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A new television series will feature male full-frontal nudity [1]. Another new show, called “Swingtown,” features wife-swapping. Of that show, a TV executive named Tassler said that they’re going to “push the envelope” with that series [2][3][4]: [1] [Article] [2] Tassler quotes: [Here] [3] according to this article, Tassler was raised Jewish: [Here] [4] more […]