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25 December, 2015

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Seen on the TV: a historian saying that 40,000 men died at Iwo Jima during WWII. Big deal. Since 2002, the neoconservative ideology has killed probably 4 million people (mostly civilians) in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Syria [1], in addition to creating massive political instability in the Middle East and massive hatred of America there […]

24 December, 2015

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Cultural Marxism (and economic Marxism, too) can be summed up in one word: lying! That’s what it is. It was lying back when the Bolsheviks used it, and it is lying now. Cultural Marxism amounts to spending years telling one lie after another about mankind in order to change society. By the way, “hiding the […]

22 December, 2015

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Here comes a TV show that features Satan helping the Los Angeles police. Why on earth would Satan, the king of evil, help the police? Television: a vast Jewish wasteland. [a Christian review of TV show].

6 December, 2015

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Speaking of Jews named Berger, former national security adviser (!) Sandy “Is That a Classified Document in Your Pocket?” Berger has died. We’ll all miss him, I’m sure. [Article].

26 November, 2015

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The other day, the telephone rang. It was a well-known credit card company calling. The guy on the other end of the line was trying to tell me something, but he had such a heavy, foreign accent (Indian? Pakistani?) that I couldn’t understand what he was saying. Every third word was unintelligible. I had to […]

24 November, 2015

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Seen on the TV: several commercials featuring Black males and White females as romantic couples. I found these commercials to be not only repulsive, but curious, too, since they reflect real life: Every time I see a Black/White couple at a supermarket, the Black half of the couple is male and the White half is […]

16 November, 2015

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In the old days – back when America was a White republic instead of a multicultural equalocracy – there were two sexes: male and female. Life was simple. Now, thanks to Cultural Marxism, there are many different “genders” and even worse, a person can be whatever “gender” they think they are, regardless of their actual, […]

11 November, 2015

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This Veteran’s Day, let us ponder this idea: America could stop creating war veterans by not fighting wars all over the world for the benefit of Israel/the Jews. Good idea, huh? [Article].

7 November, 2015

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Powerful Jew #1: “Oy veh! The goys are going to ignore our federal gun-control laws in Oregon!” Powerful Jew #2: “Oh, my God! Do you realize what could happen there? Freedom could break out!” [Article].

5 November, 2015

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