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11 August, 2014

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In his must-read 1994 book “The Sacred Chain: the History of the Jews,” the late Jewish author Norman F. Cantor lists the nine Jews who, during the 20th century, changed Western thought forever. It’s a good list. I will list the names which Cantor mentions here, but I will also include one name that Cantor […]

10 August, 2014

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“The Ordeal of Civility: Freud, Marx, Levi-Strauss and the Jewish Struggle with Modernity” (New York; Basic Books, 1974) by John Murray Cuddihy. Rotate text if needed. [.PDF Book].

10 August, 2014

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(Above: Jewish powerbroker Bernard Baruch) Re: yesterday’s post, here’s another Baruch item, from 2011, in case you missed it the first time: “When FDR was introducing Mme. Chiang Kai-sheck (sic) to some of his friends he said ‘This is Bernard M. Baruch. Bernie’s raised me for about 30 years.’ Baruch countered: ‘And don’t you think […]

9 August, 2014

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I was talking about sovereignty in the Aug. 7 post. Let’s revisit that topic. As global government increases, the sovereignty of nations decreases. If you wonder about the origins of global government, wonder no more. Global government could be called “almost completely Jewish.” A few examples for newbies (feel free to add your own examples […]

8 August, 2014

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…that there was a White politician who would stand up to the Jews and their unconstitutional “hate speech” laws, guess what? There isn’t one. No White politician will oppose the Jews. [Article].

6 August, 2014

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Conservative TV host Bill O’Reilly calls his show the “no-spin zone.” Is it really? He had an expert on his show who said that Hitler targeted the Jews because he thought that they were subhuman and not Aryan. Well, that’s only the tiny tip of a very large iceberg. Any student of history knows that […]

4 August, 2014

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“The movement (i.e., the Illuminati – Ed.) had been founded in 1776 by Adam Weishaupt. Bernard Lazare, himself a Jew, has written that “There were Jews behind Weishaupt,” and upon a close study of Illuminism, we find that the destructive forces which culminated in the French Revolution were of three kinds; financial, intellectual and anti-Christian. […]

4 August, 2014

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Take control of your children’s education and future. Don’t let the anti-White schools and anti-White media corrupt your kids with Cultural Marxism. [Article].

4 August, 2014

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Famous Hollywood actors have incited “anti-semitism” all over the world re: Gaza? Really? Oh, yeah, I almost forgot: “anti-semitism” has been re-defined by the Jews again. Now, simply criticizing Israel is “anti-semitism.” (That new definition is going to backfire. It will put millions of lemmings into the White nationalist camp by default). [Article].

3 August, 2014

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A “White” Orthodox Jew is charged with a “hate crime.” How ironic: it was Jews who gave the West “hate crime” laws. Those laws are based on a Soviet law from 1918 that, ironically again, protected Jews from “hate.” Jews are not genetically White. [Article].

1 August, 2014

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Seen: a video of modern New York City. This is the place that the Jews call the greatest place on earth? A loud, rude, congested, corrupt, crime-ridden metropolis filled with millions of multicultural bipeds all jockeying for tiny pieces of real estate (parking spaces, apartments, etc.)? This is paradise? If so, I’d hate to see […]

30 July, 2014

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The Jews and leftists in the media want Americans to be diverse and “different,” yet, at the same time, they want Americans to be equal, i.e., the same: raceless, sexless, wimpy, NWO-friendly. You can’t have it both ways. You can’t have “different” and “the same” at once – in fact, as I noted about a […]

29 July, 2014

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(Above: Karl Marx) Karl Marx: “All humans will be equal!” Vladimir Lenin: “All humans will be equal!” Chairman Mao: “All humans will be equal!” U.S. Justice Department: “All humans will be equal!” [Article].

28 July, 2014

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Is it really anti-feminism? A big problem with feminism is that it has so saturated Western culture that it’s hard for many people to tell what is, and isn’t, feminism. Things that would have been called “feminism” in 1970 are called “normal” today. [Article].

27 July, 2014

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No. It’s impossible. If you were born a male, you were born with an X and a Y sex chromosome, i.e., you’ll always be a male. (Women are born with 2 X sex chromosomes). Sex is determined by the sex chromosomes. Young people, don’t fall for “sex change” propaganda. [Article].