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26 March, 2015

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Jew #1: “Oh, my God: freedom has broken out in the corn belt!” Jew #2: “Quick, call every major Jewish and liberal group in America. This must be stopped. This could lead to more freedom!” [Article].

23 March, 2015

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(Above: hippies) The 1960s counterculture radically transformed America. That counterculture was produced almost entirely by Jews. Only a few of the counterculture leaders weren’t Jewish (e.g., Tom Hayden, an Irishman)[1]. [Video]. [1] well-known 1960s Jewish activists include: Abbie Hoffman, Jerry Rubin, Paul Krassner, Allen Ginsberg, Paul Goodman, Saul Landau, Robert Scheer, Saul Alinsky, Stew Albert, […]

21 March, 2015

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An anecdote: the former leader of White Revolution, Billy Roper, was attacked by two anti-fascists and struck in the face with a tire iron in July, 2001. Why was he attacked? Because he is pro-White. That’s a “crime” according to anti-fascists. (By the way, the two anti-fascists who attacked Roper were acquitted of the crime […]

20 March, 2015

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Hey, wealthy Jews and liberals: you always champion Blacks, Browns and the poor. So, why not shelter Blacks, Browns and homeless people yourselves? You live in big houses in upscale neighborhoods in California, New York and Connecticut. Surely you could provide (free) room-and-board to Black, Brown and homeless people in all of your extra bedrooms, […]

18 March, 2015

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(Above: New York senator Jacob Javits) Did women join the police forces of America because their physical and mental abilities were “equal” to those of men? Nope. Women joined the police forces because the U.S. government forced police departments to hire them, via the Equal Employment Opportunity Act of 1972, which strengthened Title VII of […]

15 March, 2015

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“Hollywood is run by Jews. It is owned by Jews…” — actor Marlon Brando, during a TV interview, April 5, 1996. By the way, Brando was not an “anti-Semite.” [Video].

9 March, 2015

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“As any human rights lawyer can tell you, the human right to freedom of speech must be balanced against other human rights, such as the human rights to dignity, respect…” I didn’t know that people had an automatic “right” to dignity and respect. When did that happen? Who created those rights? Actually, there’s no such […]

24 February, 2015

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A few queers? Not really a problem. Hundreds of queers in high positions in our government and media? That’s a problem. But of course it’s not called a “problem” today. It’s called “normal” today. Up until 1973, homosexuality was considered to be a mental illness [1]. Queers have mental issues that go beyond matters of […]

21 February, 2015

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Look at this, found in the list of “LGBTQ” terms: “gender fluid” (it means that your gender “fluctuates.” How can a person’s sex fluctuate? By the way, the correct term is “sex,” not “gender,” which only applies to grammar, not to human biology). [Article]. More LGBTQ fun [Here].

18 February, 2015

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What? You don’t see the clear connection between racial “privilege” and Sir Isaac Newton’s laws of motion? Well, then, I’ll bet you feel pretty foolish, don’t you? That’s probably why you didn’t get into Harvard. (By the way, the surname “Rifkin” is usually Jewish). [Article].