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23 April, 2016

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A non-White (Treasury Secretary Jack Lew) removes a White man from the U.S. $20 bill and puts a non-White woman onto it [1]. What an outrage. America is a Western country and non-Whites are not Western. Harriet Tubman has no business being on U.S. money. Furthermore, the back of the new $10 bill will feature […]

19 April, 2016

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Son: “Dad, my history teacher said that America was founded by Native Americans – you know, Indians.” Father: “Well, that depends on what you mean by ‘America.’ The continent of North America – or parts of it at least – was settled by Indians or ‘Native Americans.’ The United States of America, however, was founded […]

18 April, 2016

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Queer activist: “You can be a boy one minute and a girl the next minute. It’s known as being gender-fluid.” Normal citizen: “That sounds crazy. How is that possible?” Queer activist: “I’ll tell you how it’s possible: I’m a well-known expert on gender issues. I have a Master’s degree in Queer Theory From a Leninist […]

9 April, 2016

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How will we ever win the culture war to save Western Civilization if we keep calling Jews “White”? They are not genetically White. Susan Sontag was a Jew (real name Rosenblatt) and a closet lesbian, too [1]. [Article]. . [1] Jews have led the ongoing assault on Western Culture via communism, multiculturalism, feminism, leftism, etc.

27 March, 2016

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(Above: NAACP leader Kivie Kaplan) Heard on the TV: the (over-used) term “African-American” to describe Blacks. Some years ago, a White kid got into trouble at school for calling himself an “African-American.” But he was. He was born in South Africa, and he moved to America when he was maybe 10 years old. So he […]

20 March, 2016

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Globalist Jew #1: “If Trump becomes president, he might not continue the endless-wars-for-Israel habit that America has acquired!” Globalist Jew #2: “Yes! And our dream of creating a One World Order, with one government, one currency and no borders, could be doomed!” Globalist Jew #3: “He might audit the Federal Reserve! Nobody has ever done […]

17 March, 2016

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Obama’s “nominating a Jewish judge” thing is becoming quite obvious, don’t you think? Recall that it was powerful Jews in Chicago who “nurtured” and “sponsored” Obama (politically speaking). Justice Elena Kagan and this new fellow, Garland, are Obama’s “thank yous” to the Jewish community. [Article].

9 March, 2016

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Look at the people who signed this anti-Trump letter: a high percentage of them are Jews. This letter tells you a lot about who is leading the anti-Trump movement. Of course, the anti-Trump movement is largely about Israel. (It’s also about immigration. Recall that the leader of the pro-immigration “Gang of 8” was a Jew, […]

3 March, 2016

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Jew #1: “We need to hire someone to denounce Donald Trump. He could become the next president, and that wouldn’t be good for the Jewish agenda!” Jew #2: “Right! We need to hire a well-respected, elder statesman of the political world, someone with great credibility, someone who will really scare people into not voting for […]

27 February, 2016

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Well, humans are almost equal now. Remember: the burden isn’t on the fat chick. The burden is on you for noticing that the chick is fat! That’s the M.O. of the human equality movement: always shift the burden from the guilty to the innocent! Karl Marx must be smiling in his grave now, his mission […]