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21 April, 2015

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[…] “In biological terms, Israel’s relation with America is parasitic, not symbiotic. Israel gains at America’s expense, harming an ally that the late Larry Auster correctly described as “the most philo-Semitic nation in the history of the world.” But try pointing this out to the average American conservative. You will be handicapped by the truth, […]

18 April, 2015

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No, Ann Coulter is not a White nationalist. But nonetheless, this book will help Sally Soccermom, or your Aunt Martha, understand what is coming to America soon: Brown Man, courtesy of Big Jew. [Webpage].

9 April, 2015

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Rolling Stone magazine is being sued by the University of Virginia’s Phi Kappa Psi fraternity. The “militantly Jewish” writer of the article may also be sued. [Article].

5 April, 2015

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And to think that White men built the U.S. military! (Let’s pretend, just for the sake of argument, that White Privilege is a real thing and not part of Cultural Marxism: White Privilege is perfectly acceptable because Whites gave the world to mankind and therefore Whites should be located highest in the human pecking order […]

31 March, 2015

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There are lots of “-ism”s: racism, fascism, feminism, etc. Most of them were coined by leftists and Jews. Here’s a new one: “rankism.” [Article].

29 March, 2015

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Federal prisons are worse than state prisons because inmates are usually transferred out-of-state, making family visits much more difficult [1]. Again, you can thank Jews like Emanuel Celler for America’s civil-rights laws. [Article]. [1] for example, Matt Hale was transferred from Illinois to a federal prison in Colorado

29 March, 2015

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Why is the communist finger painter Pablo Picasso considered to be a great artist? [1]. Because the popular culture (movies, magazines, newspapers, TV shows) has spent 50 years building him up into a Rembrandt-league artist, which he wasn’t. He was a Crayon-league artist. [Article]. [1] Picasso was a member of the French communist party

27 March, 2015

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Today’s “country” music isn’t really country music. I heard a country song a few weeks ago. With the heavy drums, fast beat and screeching guitars, it sounded more like Led Zeppelin than George Jones. Which isn’t surprising. Jews moved into the country music business and made country music sound more like rock-n-roll in order to […]

26 March, 2015

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Jew #1: “Oh, my God: freedom has broken out in the corn belt!” Jew #2: “Quick, call every major Jewish and liberal group in America. This must be stopped. This could lead to more freedom!” [Article].

23 March, 2015

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(Above: hippies) The 1960s counterculture radically transformed America. That counterculture was produced almost entirely by Jews. Only a few of the counterculture leaders weren’t Jewish (e.g., Tom Hayden, an Irishman)[1]. [Video]. [1] well-known 1960s Jewish activists include: Abbie Hoffman, Jerry Rubin, Paul Krassner, Allen Ginsberg, Paul Goodman, Saul Landau, Robert Scheer, Saul Alinsky, Stew Albert, […]