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20 October, 2015

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This writer is correct about one thing: gun ownership and demographics. Gun ownership is very much a White/male thing, and as America becomes less White due to mass immigration and race-mixing, gun rights will become less and less respected and will eventually vanish altogether. (Additionally, the Second Amendment is probably the most important constitutional right, […]

14 October, 2015

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Why do they need to create a Martin Luther King monument above Stone Mountain? Why not near Stone Mountain? Because they want to replace White culture with Brown/Black culture, that’s why. By the way, King, who spent his whole life lying, cheating and plagiarizing the works of others, didn’t write the “I Have a Dream” […]

12 October, 2015

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Almost every horrible social/political movement came from the Jewish-led Frankfurt School, either directly or indirectly. In fact, considering the impact that those oily people have had on our country, it would not be inaccurate to call America “the JewSA.” Most disturbing of all is how the Marxists of the Frankfurt School came to America and […]

8 October, 2015

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The very idea that giving more political power to Brown people in a White country will improve that White country! Just look at the black-is-really-white, down-is-really-up propaganda here (a novel idea for future presidents: nominate White ambassadors, not Jews, to White countries). [Article].

2 October, 2015

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Young gentile: “I want a severe disability! It seems so hip, so fashionable to be disabled!” Jewish media boss: “Ahh, I see you’ve been watching my movies and my TV shows that promote syndromes, disorders and complexes! Well, good for you!” [Article].

23 September, 2015

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But it should really be called Glom Gyper, so hold onto your wallets during the next year, goyim! You see, after Glom Gyper, the Jews have “permission from God” to swindle non-Jews, thanks to the Kol Nidre prayer, which releases Jews from any contracts or promises made during the coming year. And watch out for […]

20 September, 2015

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The scary thing about Political Correctness (a.k.a. Cultural Marxism) is that there are virtually no limits to how far it can go. It can be applied anywhere and everywhere. The only limits are in the imaginations of the people practicing it, and their imaginations are vast. They’re even expanding the “equality” movement to include other […]

20 September, 2015

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Béla Kun Tibor Szamuely Jeno Landler Mathias Rakosi Erno Gero Mihály Farkas Joseph Révai Gabor Peter Zoltán Vas

18 September, 2015

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You might need headphones to hear this film, although it is subtitled. This film was made by a leftist, as usual. The election shown at the beginning of the film was the March 1973 election. The “democratically elected” Marxist leader, Salvador Allende, was technically a Jew (his mother, named Gossens, was a Jew, converted to […]

30 August, 2015

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The Cultural Marxists know: in order to control a country, you must first control the country’s language. Just rename something, and you can change minds. For example, “gay” sounds much friendlier than “homosexual.” And “undocumented immigrant” sounds much less severe than “illegal alien.” [Article].