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10 January, 2007

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Hysterical jew insists that Carter is bought. Of course, when Carter and we point to the purchasers of Congress, we’re anti-semites. Having everything both ways is pretty much the essence of judaism, a religio-racial scam.

9 January, 2007

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Who Is Planning Our Next War? By Patrick J. Buchanan As George Bush reflects on his legacy, an urgent question must be pressing in upon him each day.

3 January, 2007

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Ritter’s latest warning…

15 December, 2006

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Baker increasingly distinguishes himself in standing up for America against the hate jews who use us. This has driven the kikes and the appeasers into paroxysms. They do not like it when the Judenaparat running our state is exposed, let alone rebuffed. “Fuck the jews” – funny how one simple sentence of truth, edged with […]

29 November, 2006

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PRESIDENT CARTER ON ISRAEL AND JEWISH CONTROL OF OSTENSIBLY FREE AND DEMOCRATIC INSTITUTIONS… “A member of Congress would not dream of coming out in favor of Israel’s withdrawal from occupied territories or condemn Israel’s treatment of Palestinian people. And very few of the news media in this country would ever bring out an intense analysis […]

29 November, 2006

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Nice, long interview with German writer whose books don’t make it into English. He discusses the dirty deeds of the international criminal clique headquartered in Kikistan. The Assassination of Rafik Hariri: A Biased Investigation by Silvia Cattori A former criminal investigator of the GDR, who became a journalist after the reunification of Germany, Jürgen Cain […]

3 October, 2006

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Don’t forget about Iraq. It’s still there, filled with people who hate us, thanks to the jews. HAS YOUR SON DIED FOR ISRAEL YET? ONLY ANTI-SEMITES OPPOSE THE DRAFT. At least 17 US soldiers have been killed around Iraq since Saturday, including eight in a single day in Baghdad, the US military announced, saying the […]

28 September, 2006

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[Reader writes…] I wouldn’t want to have to calculate what percentage of this article’s content is true and correct, because I don’t have that much time to devote to doing so. But I found it rather worthwhile to read and thought you might also. It’s at a financial website, but it isn’t primarily about finances; […]

27 September, 2006

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22 September, 2006

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REFUSES TO PLAY ZIONIST GAME Iran president rattles cage of U.S. foreign policy establishment AN ACCOUNT OF THE ENCOUNTER BY A LEADING SYSTEM MOUTHPIECE Iran’s Leader Relishes 2nd Chance to Make Waves By DAVID E. SANGER The New York Times Thursday, 21 September 2006 NEW YORK — When President Bush and his advisers decided to […]