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1 September, 2008

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This is what comes from the racial diversity that the Jews have been pushing in the Western countries: [Article].

1 September, 2008

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It’s part of the war on Israel’s enemies, a.k.a., the “war on terror.” But some states won’t cooperate with Real ID: [Article].

25 August, 2008

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Leo Abse, who helped liberalize Britain, was a Jew – you’re surprised, aren’t you? [Article].

26 July, 2008

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How shocked Joe Sixpack would be if he knew that the landmark Brown court ruling was not based on constitutional law per se, but on social and “moral” arguments instead. In other words, legally speaking, his White children should not be attending public schools with violent negroes: [Article].

25 June, 2008

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What is the world’s biggest hate crime? The Bolshevik holocaust? No. Hitler’s “Holocaust”? Nope. Slavery? Mistreatment of the American Indians? No. The world’s biggest hate crime began in earnest after World War II and is still occurring today: it is the deliberate ruination of the White countries via non-White immigration and egalitarianism. We’re talking about […]

12 June, 2008

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Former National Alliance chairman Walker comments on life as a political/racial prisoner. (Questions to ask yourself: why did the federal government wait 3 whole years to act on the “Simple Assault” report that was first filed by local police? How did a simple assault charge – which ordinarily would be a local, misdemeanor charge – […]

29 May, 2008

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Two White men will go on trial for their honesty about non-Whites who shouldn’t even be in England in the first place. Note: Jews such as Frank Soskice played key roles in the creation of Britain’s “anti-racism” laws: [Article]. More about Sheppard and O’Farrell: [Here], [Here] and [Here].

21 May, 2008

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The Jews specialize in revenge, and that’s reflected in their motto “never forgive, never forget.” Whether Demjanjuk actually committed crimes against the self-chosen or worked for the Nazis doesn’t matter. To be merely accused of those things by Jews is enough to set the vengeance-machine in motion: [Article] and [Article]. More about the U.S. government’s […]

19 May, 2008

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Oy, to be a Jew is to be in perpetual conflict with yourself: “Dr. Nahum Goldmann, in his book The Jewish Paradox, describes the Jewish people as ‘the most paradoxical in the world,’ a description that fully embraces the Genocide Convention, an instrument of international law designed to take the risk out of risky Jewish […]

6 May, 2008

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The infamous U.S. Supreme Court ruling, Loving v. Virginia, banned laws that prohibited interracial marriage. Of significance is that two Jewish lawyers aided the Lovings in their legal fight [1]. Also of significance is that the Loving ruling was based on the 14th Amendment, which wasn’t ratified properly, therefore, the court’s ruling is legally invalid: […]