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17 March, 2008

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(Note: Louis Brandeis was the first Jew to sit on the U.S. Supreme Court): “The 1954 Supreme Court ruling in Brown vs. Board of Education of Topeka may some day be ranked as the Fort Sumter of the second American Civil War. Although the Constitution says nothing about education, the Court ordered the desegregation of […]

9 March, 2008

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Blacks used to fear Whites. Now they shove them around – or kill them. You can thank the “civil rights” movement for the new, bolder negroes. And don’t forget: civil rights is Jewish tyranny in blackface: [Article].

13 February, 2008

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Maybe that comparison will be a good thing after all, since the Nuremberg trials were a farce and – thanks to the internet – more and more people are finding that out. (For newbies, a quick review of Nuremberg: America teamed up with communist mass-murderers – i.e., the Soviets – to use illegal, ex post […]

12 February, 2008

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One divorce worth mentioning is singer Paul McCartney’s. His soon-to-be-ex-wife may get up to 60 million pounds from the former Beatle [1]. Why so much? Modern divorce laws favor women more than they should. Worse, divorcing today is easy, thanks to something that was created in 1917 by the Bolsheviks and adopted later on by […]

9 February, 2008

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The German occupation of France was mild and uneventful for most Frenchmen. Le Pen was found guilty anyway: [Article].

29 January, 2008

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Did women become police officers based on their abilities? No. They became police officers based on special laws and regulations that gave them artificial advantages in the hiring process. Women have no business being cops: [Article].

15 January, 2008

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Mark and Mishko called the show to get an explanation of why the Free Talk Live Guests Russ Dove and Christie Czalkowski were so easily booted from Freedom Fighter Radio’s programing. It turns out that the host and founder of the “Freedom Fighters” radio show and website is a Jew. Case Closed. Listen to Mark […]

16 December, 2007

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Back in 1970, he probably would have been charged locally with assault, and probably would have been fined or possibly jailed for a few weeks. But in 2007, he receives nearly 5 years in prison on a federal “civil rights” charge. (By the way, America’s “civil rights” laws came from a Jew, i.e., congressman Emanuel […]

16 December, 2007

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For most Frenchmen, daily life under the Nazi occupation was mild and routine (the same as it was in Denmark). Of course, saying so in public makes the Nazis “look good,” and that’s not allowed in most European countries, thanks to Jewish-originated thought-crime laws. Le Pen is accused of justifying the German occupation of France, […]

2 December, 2007

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What was once a common-sense idea – i.e., everyone in the workplace speaking the same language – has become controversial. (That’s what happens when a White republic run by White men becomes a multicultural “democracy” run by Jews, negroes, Mexicans, women and queers). An amendment to the now-delayed bill would protect businesses from Equal Employment […]