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17 April, 2012

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Not that a Mitt Romney presidency would mean anything. We’d still be fighting endless wars in the Middle East, and we’d still have Jewish control of the media, Cultural Marxism, illegal immigration, and unnecessary debt and inflation. But it’s nice to see that traditional women are still around, unapologetic. [Article].

15 April, 2012

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Want proof that the American media is morally bankrupt and therefore has absolutely no right to yell about the injustices done to the negro Trayvon Martin? Here it is: Cuba. For years, innocent people from all walks of life (Black, Brown and White, i.e., White Spaniards) have been rotting in filthy prisons in Cuba. Their […]

14 March, 2012

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Seen: a movie about the communist thug Ernesto “Che” Guevara. Many people don’t know a crucial fact about Ernie-Boy: the media made him [1]. In fact, Fidel Castro and Che Guevara would have been unknown in history if the Western (read: Jewish) media hadn’t made them into modern-day Robin Hoods who were merely fighting on […]

11 February, 2012

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Every week or so, the media happily informs us that the new boss of “x” is the first Black/Mexican/Asian/female/homosexual to hold that position. (Get out your party hats!). Celebrating the accomplishments of anyone who isn’t a White male (i.e., celebrating “the other”) is a standard media practice, it’s divisive, it’s favoritism, it’s the celebration of […]

15 November, 2011

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“Democracy, in my view, must be guided by its chosen leaders, who have, or ought to have, special knowledge. But these leaders are inevitably swayed by the Press, which makes public opinion, so that it is the newspapers, not the politicians, who are the real rulers of this country.” — from the book “European Jungle” […]

13 November, 2011

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(Above: an early gold miner) A book about a major civil-rights advocate in the South during the 1950s/1960s. Like most “anti-racism” activists, Golden was a Jew. Blacks like Martin Luther King were merely frontmen. [Book].

20 October, 2011

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Gaddafi’s death is a loud warning to other Middle Eastern leaders who are reluctant to embrace Zionism or Jewmocracy [1]. [Article]. [1] “Jewmocracy” = a democracy in which Jews control the media, the money and the politicians, e.g., all of the White countries

1 September, 2011

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Jew #1: “Never forget how evil Arabs attacked you because they hate your freedom!” Jew #2: “Yeah! America and Israel must stand together against the Muslim world!” Jew #3: “We’re all Israelis now! Zionism is Americanism!” [Article], [Article] and [Article].

26 August, 2011

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(Above: Asians at a homosexual rally) They don’t want feminism? Homosexual rights? Pregnant teenagers? Sleazy TV shows? Inflationary central banking? Retards voting? Endless advertising and blatant consumerism? How could any country not want to adopt Judeo-Democracy? [Article].

16 August, 2011

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“The customer can have any color he likes, as long as it’s black.” — Henry Ford, talking about his Model T car. “The citizen can have any news he likes, as long as it’s Jewed.” — VNN.