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31 December, 2010

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How many times can Jews rape a country? In Russia’s case, at least twice: once under Bolshevism and once again under capitalism (there’s a lesson there). Khodorkovsky is one of the original “oligarchs” — a half-dozen Jews who, in the 1990s, hijacked Russia’s economy and its natural resources for their own gain. Some of the […]

5 December, 2010

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Big Jew: “You should flood yourself with millions of third-world losers.” White Country: “Really? Why?” Big Jew: “It’ll make you stronger.” [Article].

3 October, 2010

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America is supposed to be the one place where people enjoy genuine free speech – unlike most other countries. If that’s true, why do people get fired for talking about Jews? [Article].

5 September, 2010

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Dan Newsguy, TV anchorman: “And now, we turn to our expert, Dr. Sarah Goldsilverdiamond, who says that it’s natural for teenage boys to want gay, interracial relationships. Sarah?” Dr. Goldsilverdiamond: “Yes, Dan, that’s right. Most teenage boys in America want gay relationships, and further, they want them with teens who are not of their race. […]

7 August, 2010

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Heard: a news reporter talking about how an American man “served his country” fighting in Vietnam. His country? Huh. Not only are wars good for Jews financially (the government must borrow money, with interest on the loans, to fight the wars) but also, wars divert the attention of the goyim so that they focus on […]

2 July, 2010

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Three guesses as to which newspaper started that – and no peeking beforehand! [Article].

18 May, 2010

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There’s nothing to see except accounts of wholesale mass murder and oppression, so just forget about Soviet history, White man! Jewish communism is one big yawner! (*Yawn*) See? [Article].

24 April, 2010

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Controlling illegal immigration is “controversial” these days. Who made it controversial? Jewish media bosses: “We did!” [Article].

20 February, 2010

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Jewish media boss Abe Ben-Poopshitz says: “Everything Tiger does will be urgent news. If he sneezes, you’ll report it immediately on all of our TV and radio stations. Our newspapers and magazines will talk about his every move for weeks, even months. He’s not just a golfer, he’s a god. Understand?” Liberal reporters: “Yes, master!” […]

2 February, 2010

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Nurse: “Doctor, this man has a fever, he’s sweating profusely, and he keeps mumbling something about ‘babies in Port-au-Prince.’” Doctor: “Oh, my God. He’s got Haiti Hysteria!” Nurse: “Can you cure him?” Doctor: “I don’t know. Haiti Hysteria is a serious disease.” Nurse: “How do you think he got it?” Doctor: “He probably got it […]