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2 February, 2010

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Nurse: “Doctor, this man has a fever, he’s sweating profusely, and he keeps mumbling something about ‘babies in Port-au-Prince.’” Doctor: “Oh, my God. He’s got Haiti Hysteria!” Nurse: “Can you cure him?” Doctor: “I don’t know. Haiti Hysteria is a serious disease.” Nurse: “How do you think he got it?” Doctor: “He probably got it […]

24 January, 2010

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International Holocaust Remembrance Day is a time for reflection – for example, it’s a time to remember that it was the Jewish communist Ilya Ehrenburg – a Soviet “journalist” and a master liar – who first told the world that “6 million Jews” had been murdered by Those Evil Nazis. The problem was, Ehrenburg first […]

28 November, 2009

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Homosexuality takes a big step towards public acceptance. Despite some viewer complaints, this sort of thing need happen only a dozen times and then most TV addicts will be desensitized to queer behavior. Further, who’s surprised that Lambert is Jewish? [Article]. More about Lambert: [Here].

19 November, 2009

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It makes us twonger… [Article].

15 November, 2009

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“Klein,” huh? Is that an Irish name? [Article].