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10 March, 2022

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“All the ideologies constructed by secular Jewish intellectuals, from the Haskalah to Reform Judaism, from Marxism to Freudianism, from assimilationism to Zionism, form a continuing tradition which I call ‘Jewish Intellectual Culture.’” — from the book “The Ordeal of Civility: Freud, Marx, Lévi-Strauss and the Jewish Struggle with Modernity” (New York; Basic Books, 1974) by […]

10 March, 2022

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What does “diversity” mean? It means “fewer White people.” Why would you want “fewer White people” in a region that Whites created (the West)? You would want more Whites, not less! Indeed, it’s very suspicious that “diversity” is only aimed at the White countries. “Diversity” isn’t being pushed onto China or India or Mexico or […]

6 March, 2022

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There are things you need to know in life — like, “what’s that hangy-ball thing in the back of my throat?” You also need to know about the origins of the New Left, which was much more radical than the Old Left. The Jewish communist Herbert Marcuse (pronounced “Mar-CUZE-a”, sounds almost like “Cuba”; he was […]

3 March, 2022

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Democracy: also known as “Jewish democracy” (hat tip: Dr. Pierce) [1]. This means: the Jews control the media, the banks, the film industry, and anything else that helps them to multiply political force. The result is that the Jews control all the “chokepoints” in a democracy. It really is “Jewish democracy.” (The Bolsheviks did the […]

2 March, 2022

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The West today is nothing if not monolithic: every White country has fallen into line! They’ve got their marching orders: “blacklist and punish Russia for invading Ukraine.” The Jewish powerbrokers hate and fear Russia, for both historic and current reasons. So the Jews have aligned approximately 25 Western countries against Russia within maybe 5 days. […]

1 March, 2022

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Wait, wait, my mistake: in this case, there are two Jews in the woodpile, making outrageous and untrue claims about fascism in order to re-invent history to benefit the Jews. These two Jews (Peter Drucker and Seymour Martin Lipset) say that fascism came from communism, and that communist thug V. I. Lenin was the first […]

26 February, 2022

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Someone commented the other day that “for people who are unimportant freaks, homosexuals sure garner a lot of attention.” Indeed! You would think that a tiny population of freaks would be very unimportant in the world, and would only generate maybe 20,000 returns in a Google search. But no! (Do you want proof that homosexuals […]

23 February, 2022

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Alex often calls the political Left “the Judeo-left” or the “J-left.” Why? You’re about to see why. If leftism (aka, liberalism) were a house, “all of the carpenters who built it were Jews.” (Newbies, when I say “Jews” I mean Jews-by-ethnicity or Jews-by-DNA. I am not referring to their religion). Post-Enlightenment leftism (i.e., leftism from […]

19 February, 2022

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A very good point: leftists say, “all humans are equal” but then they say, “leftists are morally superior to rightists.” How can both be true? And, if Blacks are equal to Asians, why do they need welfare, but Asians don’t? Asians come to America and succeed without welfare. How? Now, here’s a quote for all […]

18 February, 2022

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How many Jewish philosophers does it take to change a lightbulb? Actually, it takes 179. Trivia: most “Western” philosophers were actually Jewish. You’re surprised, aren’t you? Jews think a lot. About how they can wreck White culture. “Brandon Scott, who plays the Black academic Baxter Forrest in “Power of Sail,” tries to stop Nichols from […]