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4 August, 2013

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(Above: a naked Robert Mugabe enjoying his favorite food) Fidel Castro used to “win” elections in Cuba. It’s funny how communist dictators always win elections. Trivia: most Blacks in Zimbabwe want to return to White rule. [Article].

7 July, 2013

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You can argue that “international law” is illegal, since it violates the natural sovereignty of countries. But you can also argue that attacking Arab/Muslim countries not for self-defense reasons but only to benefit Israel (e.g., the 2003 Iraq War) is also illegal. [Video].

21 June, 2013

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This new Duke (yeah, I know, some people don’t like him) book apparently contains quotes from Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn’s not-published-in-English-and-we-know-why book “200 Years Together,” so it would have value as a history/reference book. Anyway, was communism Jewish? Yes. It was founded by a Jew (Marx) and was spread around the world by Jews, e.g., the Comintern […]

25 March, 2013

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News anchor #1: “Polls show that most Americans support same-sex marriage.” News anchor #2: “Research shows that people who oppose same-sex marriage have smaller brains.” News anchor #3: “Experts say that gays and lesbians make better parents than heterosexuals…” [Article]. About the homosexual movement and who runs it: [Here] and [Here].

21 March, 2013

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This movie is about a girl who gets caught up in America’s hippie counterculture (by the way, notice how White suburbia is portrayed negatively in this film). Almost every counterculture leader in America was a Jew. Some, like Abbie Hoffman, were feet-in-the-street political leaders, while others wrote songs or published books/magazines. Some of them dreamed […]

23 February, 2013

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Massachusetts is just like California, but further East. (The Soviet Union created the first modern “human equality” laws and also the first “hate crime” laws). [Article].

2 February, 2013

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(Above: Hitler and Mussolini) Hitlerism is making a comeback in Europe? If only! Maybe then we could save the West from the collapse that is coming. Newbies, the truth is, during WWII, the Western allies should have sided with the fascists, not the communists. Fascism is a Western ideology which actually works, despite its warts. […]

30 January, 2013

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And this weapon works, as you can see. (If images won’t enlarge, click Here).

27 January, 2013

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(Above: Nirenstein) Nirenstein is an “Italian” MEP? Nope, because Italians are White Europeans. She’s a Jew. Not the same thing! (In fact, she even admitted that she’s a Jew first and foremost) [1]. She holds dual citizenship, living in Israel, too, which is an apartheid state. She’s acting racially by being a Zionist Jew, while […]

18 January, 2013

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The West Point think-tank issues a warning not about the far-left, as you might imagine, but about the far-right. (By the way, according to this webpage, the author of that West Point warning is an Israeli). [Article].