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25 May, 2012

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“At the end of this war I see Europe recreated, not by diplomats, but by the proletariat. The Federated Republic of Europe—the United States of Europe—that is what must be. National autonomy no longer suffices. Economic evolution demands the abolition of national frontiers. If Europe is to remain in national groups, then Imperialism will recommence […]

28 March, 2012

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As if World War II wasn’t bad enough for White people, there’s yet another bad side to it: the income-tax side. Suddenly, White people who never had to pay taxes before were taxed [1]. And it gets worse. The Jewish-led Roosevelt administration taxed wealthy gentiles badly during the 1930s/1940s: more than half their annual incomes […]

23 March, 2012

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Federal Agent #1: “This guy has been known to criticize Israel, so it’s a good thing we’ll be keeping his records.” Federal Agent #2: “Yes. Zionism comes first. Privacy comes…what? Third? Fourth?” [Article].

3 March, 2012

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That law almost guarantees a war between the U.S. and Iran – for Israel’s benefit, of course. What if White people controlled America, instead of Jews? [Article].

28 February, 2012

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Here’s some proof that the global “anti-racism” movement is bogus. It’s not about ending racism. It’s about ending White culture. By the way, newbies, White South Africa was destroyed not by Blacks but by Jews. [Article].

14 February, 2012

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For 40 years, the conservative movement thought that it could “nice its way to success” by not attacking Jews but instead attacking “liberals” and “leftists,” even though the Left was built and run mostly by Jews. The result of that politeness campaign? By 1985 Jews had gained control of most of America, including the conservative […]

20 December, 2011

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A secular religion that was designed to wipe out “anti-Semitism” in the White countries, communism only succeeded in murdering 100 million innocent people and enslaving many more. Like all Jewish ideas, communism was a shitty one. The “joys” of communism can be seen even today, e.g., North Korea, which hopefully will come out of the […]

6 December, 2011

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How many times has Germany been Jewed, by the way? Let’s see: There was the founding of socialism, the Versailles Treaty (that’s 2), Weimar Germany (that’s 3), World War II (that’s 4), then the murders of millions of Germans just after WWII, (that’s 5), then de-Nazification (that’s 6), and then the first round of Hollowcost […]

3 December, 2011

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We’re approaching the 5th anniversary of the hanging of Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein. America’s invasion of Iraq and its sponsoring of the execution of Saddam were just plain wrong. Brutal dictators are a-dime-a-dozen, so why did America single out Saddam? One big reason was because Saddam launched (nuclear-capable) Scud missiles at Israel in 1991. He […]

20 November, 2011

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An international Jew, circa 1990: “The European countries must join together. An international union – with a single currency and a central bank – is the only thing that will prevent economic disaster in Europe!” Well, it didn’t prevent economic disaster, so you know what that means: More globalism for Europe. (By the way, the […]