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6 December, 2011

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How many times has Germany been Jewed, by the way? Let’s see: There was the founding of socialism, the Versailles Treaty (that’s 2), Weimar Germany (that’s 3), World War II (that’s 4), then the murders of millions of Germans just after WWII, (that’s 5), then de-Nazification (that’s 6), and then the first round of Hollowcost […]

3 December, 2011

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We’re approaching the 5th anniversary of the hanging of Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein. America’s invasion of Iraq and its sponsoring of the execution of Saddam were just plain wrong. Brutal dictators are a-dime-a-dozen, so why did America single out Saddam? One big reason was because Saddam launched (nuclear-capable) Scud missiles at Israel in 1991. He […]

20 November, 2011

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An international Jew, circa 1990: “The European countries must join together. An international union – with a single currency and a central bank – is the only thing that will prevent economic disaster in Europe!” Well, it didn’t prevent economic disaster, so you know what that means: More globalism for Europe. (By the way, the […]

20 September, 2011

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Ten-hut! Forward, swish! [Article].

16 September, 2011

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Jewish political activist: “Hello, sir. I see that you’re not registered to vote. Would you like to sign up? You could join the ‘it’s good for Jews’ party, the ‘it’s good for Jews’ party or the ‘it’s good for Jews’ party.” Gentile: “What’s the difference?” Jewish political activist: “One is steered by neocon Jews, one […]

1 September, 2011

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Jew #1: “Never forget how evil Arabs attacked you because they hate your freedom!” Jew #2: “Yeah! America and Israel must stand together against the Muslim world!” Jew #3: “We’re all Israelis now! Zionism is Americanism!” [Article], [Article] and [Article].

31 August, 2011

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Someday, ape cops will patrol the streets of your fine city…wait a second…they already do! (That White lady can thank Jews like Joe Slovo for her ordeal). [Article].

29 August, 2011

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(Above: Albrecht Dürer’s four horsemen of the apocalypse) U.S. ambassador to the Soviet Union and France William Christian Bullitt, Jr. set the stage for America’s official recognition of the Soviet Union [1]. That recognition “legitimized” the Soviets and opened them up to foreign money and other aid, including Lend-Lease goods. That spelled trouble for Germany. […]

28 August, 2011

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Jews are making inroads into the Tea Party movement. But who is surprised? Notice that this group’s event concerns a foreign country (Israel). Newbies, there’s a saying among White nationalists, paraphrasing: “Any movement that isn’t ‘anti-Semitic’ will eventually be taken over by Jews” (e.g., the conservative movement, which was run by gentiles in the 1950s/1960s […]

26 August, 2011

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(Above: Asians at a homosexual rally) They don’t want feminism? Homosexual rights? Pregnant teenagers? Sleazy TV shows? Inflationary central banking? Retards voting? Endless advertising and blatant consumerism? How could any country not want to adopt Judeo-Democracy? [Article].