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11 October, 2009

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In an American magazine, there is an article about the U.S. nuclear-bomb project of the 1940s [1]. It mentions the fact that Albert Einstein and Leo Szilard initiated the bomb by sending a letter to president F.D. Roosevelt in 1939. Of interest to our readers is the fact that nearly every key person involved with […]

17 September, 2009

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With the Jews, why is everything about either money or poop? Here’s the quote: (Cuddihy is talking about Jewish psychiatrist/psychotherapist “Fritz” Perls, the coiner of the term “Gestalt Therapy”) who “…goes on to distinguish three classes of verbiage production in his therapy sessions: chickenshit…bullshit…elephantshit…” — from the book “The Ordeal of Civility: Freud, Marx, Lévi-Strauss […]

21 June, 2009

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Did you know that there’s only one race: the human race? If you doubt that, just ask Otto Klineberg [1]. What? Klineberg was a lying, leftist Jew? Go figure: [Webpage]. [1] see the right-hand sidebar [Here]

12 February, 2009

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No, says Jewish scientist Steven Rose, a well-known foe of racial science. Jews have led the movement to downplay or deny the importance of race [1]. Here’s a thought: if Holocaust denial is illegal in many countries, why isn’t race denial illegal as well? [Article]. [1] the Jewish pioneers of race denial include: Franz Boas, […]

27 January, 2009

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A poster at VNN Forum made a good point: we have names for every war except for the one being waged by Jews against White gentiles. How about making it simple by calling it the WAG – War Against Gentiles? (Another possibility is the already-coined but hardly used “jewhad”): [VNN Forum].

12 September, 2008

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Einstein wasn’t an infallible super-genius? Then why does everybody think that he was? [Article].

13 August, 2008

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Uh-oh. This isn’t good news for the liberated woman. By the way, the father of “the pill” is a Jewish biologist/endocrinologist named Pincus: [Article].

25 July, 2008

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No humans are superior? How do you explain this, for example? Or this? Further, do “moral” questions belong in science? Isn’t science supposed to be neutral? Who decides what is and isn’t “moral”? (For newbies: Jewish “scientist” Ashley Montagu – not his real name – long ago announced that all humans are “equal.” Montagu’s announcement […]