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30 September, 2008

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by Harmony Grant and Rev. Ted Pike. Zionism is Jewish imperialism. It’s hostile, aggressive and racist. It causes wars. It’s plain bad news. Why do so few Americans oppose it? [Article].

29 September, 2008

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The war on Israel’s enemies – a.k.a. “the war on terror” and “the war on turr” – expands into Pakistan: [Article].

28 September, 2008

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How about an anti-Judaism bill instead? A “religion” based upon bigotry and supremacism, Judaism is “fundamentally hostile” to the gentile world: [Press Release].

23 September, 2008

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by Bradley R. Smith. (Some more trivia for newbies: people who believe in the Holocaust’s “6 million Jews” number are literally believing Jewish communist propaganda. The first time the “6 million” number appeared as “fact” in news media during World War II was when Jewish/Soviet propagandist Ilya Ehrenberg announced it on December 22, 1944 in […]

3 September, 2008

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Elstner’s exit is tragic but understandable: the Germans have been Jewed beyond belief, e.g., the 1933 Jewish declaration of “war,” the actual war, the mistreatment, torture and deaths after the war at the hands of the “allies” and the war-criminal “Swedish-Jew” Eisenhower, de-Nazification, Nuremberg, reparations payments, the forced guilt-trips that continue to this day, etc. […]

12 August, 2008

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Ruined by the self-chosen, South Africa is an abscess ruled by negroes. Any White man with an ounce of sense is trying to flee S.A. But why does the U.S. government allow Black African refugees – e.g., Somali Bantus – to move to America, but not White African refugees? [Article].

10 August, 2008

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Isn’t it funny how Kosovo was allowed to break away from Serbia with America’s blessing and aid, but South Ossetia and Abkhazia aren’t allowed to remain broken away from Georgia? Why the double-standard in the same general region? It’s all about global control, newbies. Certain people are trying to rearrange the world since it isn’t […]

30 July, 2008

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It’s very psychological. It’s about creating a certain attitude in the citizenry. Eagles, flags, buffalo and Abe Lincoln will make fighting Israel’s enemies feel patriotic and all-American. (Have you noticed that, since September 2001, most Jews have become super-patriots who wave the flag more vigorously than anyone else? It’s a drastic change from the late […]

20 July, 2008

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What will God’s Pets demand payment for next month? You can be sure that they’re considering many options – perhaps they’ll demand cash from America for “not bombing enough German cities” during World War II. Meanwhile, White people haven’t gotten a dime of payment from organized Jewry for the Jewish assault on Western culture, which […]

25 June, 2008

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What is the world’s biggest hate crime? The Bolshevik holocaust? No. Hitler’s “Holocaust”? Nope. Slavery? Mistreatment of the American Indians? No. The world’s biggest hate crime began in earnest after World War II and is still occurring today: it is the deliberate ruination of the White countries via non-White immigration and egalitarianism. We’re talking about […]