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6 August, 2009

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Seen: a medical clinic with horrible architecture outside and horrible art inside. So, patients who arrive in distress get a double-dose of depressing visual crap on top of their health troubles. Miserable yids.

20 April, 2009

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Prince Charles has long been a critic of ugly, non-Western architecture. Good for him. Notice the mentions of the Pritzker Prize and Frank Gehry: [Article].

9 March, 2009

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If you wanted to make someone more legitimate in the eyes of the public, what could you do? One thing you could do is give an award to that person. Here is a mention of two prizes founded by Jews. There are probably quite a few more such prizes in America, since Jews are disproportionately […]

7 December, 2008

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It’s sort of unreal that Jewish architect Frank Gehry (real name: Goldberg) designed the Walt Disney Concert Hall, given Disney’s conservative style and his history with God’s Pets. Gehry is world-famous, especially in the West; he’s like the Picasso of architecture. There is a film about him, mentioned [Here].