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30 December, 2008

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A certain Jew is a “de facto dual citizen”? That point is understood. But really, what is “citizenship” to a Jew but a fancy piece of paper that he/she got by lying about their loyalty to a White country? A Jew is someone who belongs only to one nation, one tribe, one state, i.e., Israel […]

26 December, 2008

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“Hate” laws = Jewish constructs. By the way, when is Germany going to outlaw Judaism? Racism and bigotry occur at every synagogue – not just among adults, mind you, but even in front of children. For example, at a Bar Mitzvah for a 13-year-old boy, you’ll hear a blessing for the reading of the Torah […]

21 December, 2008

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“You Gentiles” by Maurice Samuel, 1924. “Wherever the Jew is found he is a problem, a source of unhappiness to himself and to those around him.” Sounds like Samuel knew his own people. Jews are indeed unhappy people who see no beauty, only ugliness. Read the chapter titled “We, the Destroyers” and consider what happened […]

21 December, 2008

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The Jews are the masters of racial behavior. Thanks to inbreeding, they are the only people who remain more-or-less the same, genetically speaking, since before Christ’s time [1]. Of course, the Nazis also had long-range genetic plans, but they were gentiles, so they weren’t allowed to copy the Jews: [Article]. [1] Jews have a small […]

12 December, 2008

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This is a sound legal argument. Israel is a haven for Jewish criminals who flee from prosecution – a great example of that being the notorious Solomon – a.k.a. Salomon – Morel, who fled to Israel in 1992: [Article]. More about Morel: [Here].

29 November, 2008

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A question for the SPLC: If mild-mannered VDARE is a White nationalist, “hate” website, why does it publish columns written by Asians and Jews? The truth about racial supremacism is that the Jews were the first people in history to state, as official doctrine, that they were superior to other humans, that they were “God’s […]