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11 August, 2013

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Most “hate crimes” are fake. The ones that aren’t fake are committed by Blacks and Mexicans, not Whites. [Video].

6 August, 2013

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You’ve heard that old saying, “the Devil’s in the details.” That’s true. But the Jews don’t want you to notice details, such as: why did the Polish government subtract 2.5 million “victims” from the official Holocaust story? Why do the Jews keep harping about “6 million” victims when that “official” number no longer exists? Here’s […]

7 April, 2013

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If you re-define the meaning of ‘anti-Semitism,’ you can find an increase in anti-Semitism [1]. (By the way, Arabs are Semites, so “anti-Semitism” should include them as victims). [Article]. [1] “Anti-Semitism” has recently been re-defined by the Jews to include political anti-Israel attitudes, i.e., those which aren’t based on religion or race. Simply opposing Zionist […]

5 February, 2013

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Jew #1: “I’ll tolerate the destruction of the West!” Jew #2: “Me, too – I wouldn’t think of trying to stop the death of White culture!” Jew #3: “I’m the very model of tolerating Western destruction!” [Article].

14 October, 2012

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(From September, but I had not seen this until now). Which came first? A) “Anti-Semitism” by Whites against Jews, or B) Jewish racism against the world? If you chose A, go back three spaces. In fact, since “anti-semitism” isn’t an action but a reaction, Europe should be proud of its anti-Jew history. [Article].

10 May, 2012

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Meanwhile, most Jews continue to deny that they’re a race, claiming that they’re only a “religion.” (According to the criteria of one U.S. government bureau, the Jews are a race) [1]. [Article]. [1] i.e., according to the U.S. Census Bureau. See the VDARE article “The Race FAQ” by Steve Sailer, December 16, 2007

9 April, 2012

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So sad: Jewish TV “newsman” Mike Wallace has expired. (Of course, “Wallace” wasn’t his original family surname. It was Wallik). I’ll always remember him as the guy who harangued Dr. William Pierce in a TV interview. It was a very hypocritical interview. Wallace did his best to portray Pierce as a bad man who preached […]

25 March, 2012

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…the people of plagiarism. (Back in the 1940s/1950s, Jewish composers wrote many popular songs. Some of those songs were used in Hollywood movies. They were good songs, which is exactly why you should question their origins. The Jewish “composers,” in all probability, stole the songs from gentiles and claimed them as their own, just as […]

21 November, 2011

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Jewish hypnotist: “Relax…you’re getting sleepier and sleepier…okay…now…repeat after me: ‘Debt is good.’” White student: “Debt is good.” Jewish hypnotist: “Borrowing money makes me happy.” White student: “Borrowing money makes me happy.” Jewish hypnotist: “Excellent. I think I’ve cured you!” [Article].

11 September, 2011

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Israel knows.