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14 February, 2008

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Ever since Kevin MacDonald’s trilogy of books about Jews was published in the 1990s, the complaints about him/his work have come almost entirely from Jews. It’s an ongoing campaign by non-Whites directed against one truthful, White man. That’s real “hate.” [1][2]: [Article]. [1] about MacDonald’s trilogy of books: [Here] [2] Jews mentioned as being non-White: […]

22 December, 2007

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That quote from the VNN Forum makes a good point [1]. The Jews are people who live their whole lives by deception. The Jews lied to Napoleon about their true nature at the Great Sanhedrin in 1807, which resulted in him unleashing them upon an unsuspecting and innocent Europe, i.e., the infamous “freeing of the […]

17 December, 2007

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Notice the mention of “racial group” vs. “ethnic group.” (The Jews fit the definition of “racial group” by being heavily inbred. In fact, Ashkenazim Jews are apparently the most inbred of humans, which leads to the important question: why aren’t they called a “race”? That’s a trick question, of course. Anyone who calls the Jews […]

1 November, 2007

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A new book by Jon Entine: [Article]. Note: the late Dr. William L. Pierce referred to the Jews as a “hybrid” race (the result of inbreeding). More about Jews and their racial or genetic features: [Here], [Here] and [Here]

31 July, 2007

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On certain web forums, we have seen White nationalists call the Jews “White.” Why is that? There’s no excuse for it. The subject of Jewish racial/ethnic features should be an early, and central, part of White nationalist studies. WNs should, hopefully, be able to describe Jewish genetic features just as easily as they can recall […]

7 July, 2007

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Oy. If Michael Bloomberg becomes Commander-in-Chief, will the White House have a Christmas tree? What about the official White House Christmas card? Would meals in the White House all have to be kosher? Would Bloomberg need a special chef to prepare matzoh? Thinking bigger: what about America’s relations with Muslim countries? With Israel? With Russia? […]