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30 March, 2011

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Of course, the over-hyped Jew Einstein wasn’t a genius anyway: he stole the E=mc2 theory from another gentile named Olinto DePretto. [Article].

25 December, 2010

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Newbies, the idea that “some Jews are good people” is an old one and a dangerous one. Jews are Jews. Whites are Whites. They must not mix. As Alex said, there must be a clear line between Jews and gentiles: [Essay].

26 August, 2010

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The antidote is the poison! The cure is the disease! The ugliest form of hate in world history is Judaism, and its off-shoot, Marxism. Yet, we gentiles are told that the response to Judaism/Marxism (i.e., Nazism) is the worst hate: [Article].

25 July, 2010

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Is it a famous Jew? Then it’s a fake. Maybe it stole ideas from a gentile, maybe it’s just over-hyped. But it’s a fake nonetheless: [Article].

28 March, 2010

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(above: Dr. Sigmund Freud, a.k.a. Fraud) Jewish expert #1: “He has a syndrome. I’ll call it W.” Jewish expert #2: “He has a complex. I’ll call it X.” Jewish expert #3: “He has a disorder. I’ll call it Y.” Jewish expert #4: “He has a phobia. I’ll call it Z.” Gentile: “Oh, my God. I’ve […]

24 January, 2010

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International Holocaust Remembrance Day is a time for reflection – for example, it’s a time to remember that it was the Jewish communist Ilya Ehrenburg – a Soviet “journalist” and a master liar – who first told the world that “6 million Jews” had been murdered by Those Evil Nazis. The problem was, Ehrenburg first […]

15 January, 2010

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Built by the Jewish media; managed by a Jewish communist; a liar and a cheater; nonetheless, Martin Luther King, Jr. becomes more godlike with each passing year: [Webpage].

20 August, 2009

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Haven’t heard or seen enough of this overhyped little snagglesnoot? You’re in luck, silly goy: [Article].

16 August, 2009

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The “6 million Jews” number has been tossed around since at least 1919 – long before Hitler came to power in Germany. Here is yet another mention of “6 million” Jewish victims: [Image].

21 January, 2009

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by Stephen M. Walt: [Article].