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9 July, 2010

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Note that Rep. Frank is a Jew and also a homosexual [1]. Almost every human-equality law came from a Jewish politician, e.g., Emanuel Celler’s 1964 Civil Rights Act: [Article]. [1] Rep. Frank introduced bill H.R. 4173 in December 2009

15 June, 2010

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It really isn’t surprising that the Jewish mayor of Phoenix, Phil Gordon, sponsored that resolution. Jews have been the leaders of the pro-immigration movement since the days of Emma Lazarus: [Article].

19 May, 2010

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To any minority group, a U.S. Senate seat is like gold, and, in addition, Specter was powerful and influential, having served on numerous Senate committees and subcommittees. Oy, veh… [Article].

15 September, 2009

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This “birth” matter just isn’t going away, is it? Notice the mention of Jewish governor Lingle: [Article].

19 May, 2009

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Jewish arrogance is always amazing no matter how many times you’ve seen it. Israel has probably hundreds of sophisticated nuclear weapons (few people know the exact amount), yet if a Muslim country even thinks about acquiring some type of nuclear device/capability, Israel then claims the “right” to attack it. (Trivia: almost every conflict in the […]

14 April, 2009

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Note the mention of Yuri Andropov, who was a crypto-Jew: [Article].

1 January, 2009

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This “White” activist was – like most of the people who created and managed the anti-apartheid movement in South Africa – a Jew. In fact, without Jewish political activism, South Africa would still be a safe, stable, White-ruled country. Thanks, yids, for wrecking it. (Newbies, here’s a question to ask yourselves: why did America allow […]

10 November, 2008

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However, a court could void the ban. Affirmative Action came from Jewish congressman Emanuel Celler’s Civil Rights Act of 1964. It requires employers with 15-or-more employees to hire by race and “gender,” e.g., if the surrounding population is 20% Black, then a workplace must be approximately 20% Black. Significantly, Affirmative Action also applies to workplace […]

8 November, 2008

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John Key is a “former foreign currency trader”? Wonder of wonders: [Article].

6 November, 2008

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There will be 45 Jews in Congress out of 535 seats total, despite the fact that Jews make up a tiny percentage of the U.S. population, i.e., 2.4 percent. Trivia: Only one U.S. congressman is known to have spied against America. He was a Jew (Samuel Dickstein of New York, who died in 1954): [Article].