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17 June, 2014

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It’s funny how White nationalists are called “haters” by the Jews. The truth is: Jews were the first people in history to officially and publicly claim that they’re superior to all other humans (they’re the “chosen people of God”), and, they also claim that gentiles (non-Jews) are “like animals.” Jews are the original bigots. Anyway, […]

14 June, 2014

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(Above: the Jew, Trotsky, terrorizes Russia, circa 1917) Yes, that’s right. Washington, D.C. has a four-story Holocaust museum, showing Jews as victims, but it doesn’t have a victims-of-communism museum (it only has a statue that’s about 12 feet tall). Why not? Maybe the Jews are worried that people will notice that the number of victims […]

25 May, 2014

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Isn’t it funny how, according to America, South Africa’s apartheid system “had to” be dismantled but Israel’s system can remain in place? It’s as if the only state that’s allowed to practice apartheid is the Jewish state. How did that happen? Oh, that’s right: Jews are God’s Pets, the best humans on Earth. They can […]

23 May, 2014

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(Above: the late Jewish communist Joe Slovo) Whites are being wiped out in South Africa, but strangely, the international organizations that usually complain about “racial injustice” (e.g., the UN) aren’t saying much about it. Note that Jews ushered in Black rule in South Africa, which led to the current White genocide. (By the way, there’s […]

28 April, 2014

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This is funny in a few different ways, e.g., the basketball team owner is Jewish; Jews in Israel practice racism as official policy but American Jews never complain about it; but instead, American Jews bitch about “White racism” every 2 minutes. [Article].

12 April, 2014

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It’s Karl Marx’s wet dream: One world. One people. No Whites. A global plantation of Brown sheeple, overseen by Big Jew. It’s coming, and soon. [VNN Forum].

4 October, 2013

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Good article, but Gramsci gets too much credit for Cultural Marxism. Georg Lukacs, a Jew, used it before anyone else. Add to that the Frankfurt School, and regular Marxism, which also came from a Jew (Marx), and you’ve got a West that has been almost entirely dismantled by one race: Jews. [Article]. Mjolnir website: [Here].

7 April, 2013

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If you re-define the meaning of ‘anti-Semitism,’ you can find an increase in anti-Semitism [1]. (By the way, Arabs are Semites, so “anti-Semitism” should include them as victims). [Article]. [1] “Anti-Semitism” has recently been re-defined by the Jews to include political anti-Israel attitudes, i.e., those which aren’t based on religion or race. Simply opposing Zionist […]

3 March, 2013

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“Before Shatter, the Irish government had taken steps to reduce non-European immigration, including abolishing automatic citizenship for children born to foreigners in Ireland and drastically reducing the admission of asylum seekers.” You know, if Whites treated Jews like Jews treat Whites, then Jews wouldn’t be able to hold positions in White governments: Jewish religious law […]

27 January, 2013

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(Above: Nirenstein) Nirenstein is an “Italian” MEP? Nope, because Italians are White Europeans. She’s a Jew. Not the same thing! (In fact, she even admitted that she’s a Jew first and foremost) [1]. She holds dual citizenship, living in Israel, too, which is an apartheid state. She’s acting racially by being a Zionist Jew, while […]