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25 July, 2009

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Many people think that rabbis are the Jewish equivalent of Christian clergymen, i.e., the moral leaders of a society. Nope. There’s nothing moral about rabbis. In fact, if a rabbi follows the traditional halakhic (i.e., religious) laws of Orthodox Judaism, he will, by default, be immoral, dishonest and ethnocentric: [Article].

11 July, 2009

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“Let us all recognize that we Jews are a distinctive nationality of which every Jew, whatever his country, his station or shade of belief, is necessarily a member.” — (bold is mine) from a speech by the famous, Jewish lawyer and Supreme Court judge, Louis D. Brandeis (above), called “The Jewish Problem and How to […]

11 July, 2009

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“…in apparent violation of Pentagon regulations prohibiting racist extremism in the ranks.” Well, that’s interesting. Judaism is racist extremism that is practiced by Jews (although a few gentiles have converted to Judaism) and it’s found in the U.S. military. Why isn’t Judaism banned by the Pentagon as well? [Article].

20 April, 2009

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Some rabbi wrote that the Jews didn’t invent racism. Oh, really? They were the first people to adopt racial supremacy as official, day-to-day policy, i.e., their “chosen people of God” claim. Zionism is an extension of the “chosen” claim: [Article].