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21 September, 2019

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There are two types of con games: the short con and the long con. The Federal Reserve itself is a long con. It’s been going on for decades. We have all heard that “America is not a command economy like the Soviet Union. It’s instead a free-market economy where public demand/activity decides monetary activities and […]

30 May, 2019

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The Jews often perform this stunt: when they feel “persecuted,” they persuade innocent gentiles to “show public solidarity” with the Jews. I recall that, some years ago, they did it here in America, in the Midwest. They convinced gentiles to place menorahs in the windows of their homes as a show of public solidarity with […]

17 November, 2014

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(Above: Karl Marx, the Jewish witch-doctor who wrecked half the world) Marxism was bogus. So anything based upon Marxism (e.g., Cultural Marxism, Socialism, Feminism) is also bogus. Marxism promised that, once the state finally withered away, all the citizens would live together in peace and happiness. But that was all bullshit, because states don’t wither […]

25 March, 2012

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…the people of plagiarism. (Back in the 1940s/1950s, Jewish composers wrote many popular songs. Some of those songs were used in Hollywood movies. They were good songs, which is exactly why you should question their origins. The Jewish “composers,” in all probability, stole the songs from gentiles and claimed them as their own, just as […]

11 December, 2010

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Despite his lavish lifestyle, there was a cloud following him around. It’s a good bet that eventually more people will be arrested in the Bernie Madoff swindle – after all, it can’t be easy to dispose of $50 billion dollars by yourself. (Trivia for newbies: most of the big-time swindlers in America have been Jews). […]

21 July, 2010

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There’s more to the Madoff scandal than meets the eye: [Article].

24 April, 2010

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What? “Shapiro” is usually a Jewish name? What does that have to do with it? What? Most of America’s big-time fraudsters have been Jews? What does that have to do with it? Only anti-Semites say things like that… [Article].

28 March, 2010

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(above: Dr. Sigmund Freud, a.k.a. Fraud) Jewish expert #1: “He has a syndrome. I’ll call it W.” Jewish expert #2: “He has a complex. I’ll call it X.” Jewish expert #3: “He has a disorder. I’ll call it Y.” Jewish expert #4: “He has a phobia. I’ll call it Z.” Gentile: “Oh, my God. I’ve […]

28 January, 2010

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A Jewish ponzi-scheme operator pleaded guilty to stealing $1.2 billion dollars. The list of Jewish schemers who stole at least hundreds-of-millions of dollars is a long one and there seems to be a genetic component in high-dollar Jewish thefts. As Dr. Pierce has noted, almost all of the “super swindlers” have been Jews: [Article] and […]

20 December, 2009

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It never ends with these people. Each lie bigger than the last. And the vershtoopide goyim eat it up, particularly the women, see the comments. Anything that comes from authority and makes an emotional appeal is accepted as true by 95% of women with absolutely no thought involved, and, as the comments show, great horror […]