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26 July, 2018

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I’m sure you’ve noticed that there are lots of “pride” movements today. Well, the “pride” trend is very Jewish. In the case of “fat pride” that movement basically says, “we fat people aren’t the problem. Normal people are the problem. Weighing 500 pounds is wonderful and natural.” But that’s baloney. (It’s also part of the […]

3 July, 2017

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(Above: a Jew. Notice the rodent-like appearance. Why would God “choose” these people?) The Jews call themselves superior, the “holy people,” and most famously, “the Chosen People of God,” but they do that based upon…what? The Bible? The Torah? [1]. Those books are works of fiction and they were both written by…yep, the Jews themselves! […]

29 September, 2015

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The cuckservatives carry water for the Jews and most of them are actually employed by the Jews, so of course they’re going to try to ruin Coulter’s career or at least her credibility (almost the same thing). Notice this quote from the article: “Not odd, you sod. The Jews chose God.” That’s not accurate. The […]

18 August, 2014

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The people of porno, poop and genocide are actually the most moral people on Earth. Really! In fact, when God needs moral guidance, He asks a rabbi for help. [Article].

19 November, 2013

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Just happened to stumble upon this info, and it’s sort of funny: If you have studied the Jews, then you know that they have a thing about poop. They love it. But, according to Jewish folklorist Alan Dundes, it’s the Germans who love doo-doo! (Yeah, sure, it’s just a coincidence that the Germans were also […]

17 March, 2013

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The Jews have escalated their turd attacks. Before, they merely shitted in the homes of Palestinians. Now, they’re spraying raw sewage from tanker trucks. (The Jewish obsession with poop is well-documented). [Article].

25 September, 2010

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Psychiatrist: “For how long have you suspected that you’re really Jewish?” ‘Neo-Nazi’: “Ever since I fell into a pile of fresh poop at the dog kennel. I had dreams about it for weeks afterward. Dreams that were strangely pleasant and erotic. That’s when I began to wonder…” [Article].

27 December, 2009

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Sarah Goldpoop, Zionist activist and dual-citizenship-holder, says: “Well, I don’t care what Richard Reid said. Muslims hate America because we have such great deals on toilet products. Where else can you buy an enema with an extra rectal nozzle and two solution bags for only 89 cents? They’re just jealous.” [1]: [Article]. [1] convicted “shoe […]

2 February, 2009

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Jews have a thing about crap. Dr. Pierce mentioned it, and even some Jewish authors have admitted it: [Article].

10 November, 2007

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Jewish author Norman Mailer, who once made some unusual comments about poop, has died. Boo hoo [1][2]: [Article]. [1] Mailer’s comments on the stool: [Here] [2] Jews have a special fondness for anything poop-related. Dr. William Pierce comments on Jews and scatology (scroll about half-way down the page): [Here]