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23 January, 2022

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The British MI5 spy agency warned of Jewish betrayal, because Jews have long been sneaky, slippery people: “In 1955 senior MI5 officer John Marriott – in charge of his service’s personnel department – stated: ‘Our policy is to avoid recruiting Jews if possible unless they have very strong qualifications which are necessary for our work… […]

8 August, 2021

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No one is safe when leftists control the government, since they have no standards and no morals. Not only was the U.S. government full of Soviet spies during the WWII years and afterwards, but, when told about the spies, the next leftist government (the Truman administration, which began in April 1945) did nothing about the […]

3 June, 2021

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Many people believe that president Harry Truman was a decent, honest guy — you know, “the buck stops here” and so forth. Well, no. Truman was a traitor, like all liberals. He had no sense of, and no concern for, national security matters. There were at least 2 Soviet spy groups operating in America circa […]

15 August, 2019

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Oh, that’s hilarious, junglebunny. Actually, White people aren’t the problem. The real security threat is “Jews holding powerful positions within the U.S. government” and that problem has existed for decades. Indeed, there was a warning memo issued by a U.S. government office in October 1995 about the dangers of people of Jewish “ethnicity” (oy veh!) […]

26 January, 2015

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“According to the lawsuit, a small coterie of Caltech professors and administrators ignored Israeli spying and theft of taxpayer-funded U.S. technology and then retaliated against the professor for reporting it.” [Article].

17 March, 2014

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(Above: Nathan Gregory Silvermaster) The TV series is called “Turn,” on the AMC cable channel. Speaking of spying, what a great opportunity to talk about an embarrassing detail in American history – embarrassing if you’re a Jew: almost every person caught spying against America for the Soviet Union was a Jew. That’s right. In fact, […]

29 September, 2009

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The probe was stopped for “still-unknown reasons.” Gee, how surprising. Grossman is Jewish. (Trivia, newbies: historically speaking, most spies against America have been Jews): [Article].